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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Mag_to_grid, Jul 3, 2007.

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  1. 1500 rips for his medals.
    Might bang mine out then..
  2. I'd be surprised if they go for as little as that.

    Trouble is, when you get issued them, medals are just pieces of metal. That's probably the reason so many lads sell their Iraq medals. It's not until you get older that they start to mean something. Which is why it's strange to see him selling his on there.
  3. DII Nazis are preventing me from seeing e-bay, which medals are they and who's selling them?
  4. its the ,,yompers ,,marine who carried the flag in falklands,,,statue by barracks bloke,,,starting price 1500 squid,,,
    for that price id want at least a mm with them..
  5. Its the boot neck who had the Union flag attached to his attenna and he is selling FI medal
  6. £1500, is it 24 ct gold
  7. Excuse my ignorance...what is an mm?I've asked the seller a few questions.

    There is another thread about these here:
    and here
  8. Buztybabe- fcuk off and stop harassing this site with your boring dribble, you're a fcuking journo for fcuk sake do some research.
  9. oh go screw yourself..
  10. bb, an mm is a military medal- awarded very rarely..
  11. Tragic...

    Have to wonder though, who would buy medals and for what purpose?
  12. thanks for that....x
  13. a nutty military collecter like ,,,me,, but i dont have that kind of money available..and they are spercific to a marine...not my spere of collecting,, all be it with a good slice of history with them. would enhance any medal collection,, and the value will only increase as the years pass invesment in british history...the imperial war museum should also be informed,,, theyve got lottery funding for things like this..
  14. very sad to see veterans reduced to selling their medals to get by. i wouldnt part with mine for any amount of money even seeing the prices that they are going for on the net