Sad tale - Loss of Deferred Resettlement after 22.

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by pipelinepete, Sep 29, 2007.

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  1. Not me, but posted on behalf of a friend.

    WO2, 22 years etc etc, asks CO to get permission to defer resettlement - too much going on in the unit and didn't want to let the unit down by being absent.

    CO verbally agrees and then signs form in front of WO2.

    Form goes into the legendary vacuum which was the unit RAO dept never to be seen again.

    WO2 worked on stoicly until his last day which ended with him locking up the empty SHQ and handing the keys over to the Guard........

    WO2, now a Mr, has been in Civ Div for a few months and is ready to start retraining etc.

    Applies to AEC to find that the forms were never forwarded. meanwhile CO and personalities have moved on.

    AEC set enquiries in train, but witnesses to the whole case are thin on the ground. therefore AEC resettlement Officer says, "Never Mind". You can always use your Enhanced Learning Credits............

    What a way to treat a man who soldiered on non-stop until his last day and played an extremely pivotal role in his unit (holding it together during disbandment - after the officers had been posted out).

    What is the chance of getting this man the retraining/resettlement he deserves?

    How does he go about it if there is such a process?

    Many thanks for constructive advice.
  2. The way round this would have been for him to have extended his ROD so that he could get his Resettlement in, would have meant a quick phone call to MCM Div and some forms (AF B 6848) to complete, and hey presto, everybody wins, the CO cannot make a decision like this.
  3. I was screwed out of my resettlement as well, they cancelled my course 2 days before it was due to start, I left the army very soon afterwards and moved abroad, so lost a week of resettlement and my resettlement course cash, they have offered to place me on another course but I will have to pay my own flight back to the UK.
    Also, I had a job in this country secured on the fact that I would have the qualification from that course when I arrived, no course, no qualification, no job.
    Then took 6 months and the threat of legal action to get the money back from the CTP that I had paid for the course.
  4. The CO was more than likely grateful for the blokes help and acting in good faith when he signed the docs. Sad that no one has ever tracked him down to varify that. The Army's not so big that you could lose a half Colonel.

    Shame that the system has failed this bloke though. That'll be the lasting memory of his 22 years. Terrible.
  5. dont get me started

    I had to pay for my resettlement myself and claim back, 2 grand was a lot to find out of nowhere. The the unit was rushed to Kosovo just before my course would start, the company said it was too close to the start date to get any refund or get it moved and the RAO just shugged it shoulders and said tough when I asked if they would compensate me.

    In the end I didn't go to Kosovo but only after I hasd a shameful tantrum over the matter, hated doing it and felt jack but the second I said I was walking they treated me like crap
  6. Absolutely mad not to see this one coming. Try RBL or SSAFA I'm afraid.
  7. With connections to the Resettlement world I can say that Regimental Admin offices cause more probs than anything else. Scant comfort, but my own advice is NEVER let anything go into Admin office before you have taken a copy.
  8. In some respects, whilst it might seem good of the bloke to soldier on until his last day, sad to say, its the wrong thing to do. I know quiote a few untis who think badly of people wanting to do ressetlement etc, but the reality is, that is just bad management. At the end of the day, especially in the case above of 22 yrs service, it shouldnt be seen as "Some one leaving, so who gives a toss", or "operational commitments come first" becasue these are just phrases that reek of poor management. Instead it should be realised that a person has served 21 years and still has another 25 years in another job, the management should be helping all they can to allow the person to prepare for their second (and longer) career.
  9. Not much help to the man who lost his resettlement but you must make sure you look after yourself.

    Been said many times before but we all know that when push comes to shove you are on your own when you walk out the door. The 'man who soldiered on non-stop until his last day and played an extremely pivotal role in his unit (holding it together during disbandment - after the officers had been posted out)' doesn't get the job in Civ Div that the resettlement course would have.

    If nothing else all who are leaving in the near future, or whenever, should copy the text of this thread and tuck it away somewhere. Review it as a reminder to look after number one first - that includes the wife and kids who are also dependant on the quality of job/income your resettlement may set you up for.

  10. Sadly the place was extremely badly managed,especially on the G1 front.
  11. Is it now time to officially designate a time for gardening leave.? :?