Sad state of todays public

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by crabby, Jan 7, 2007.

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  1. Was looking through the BBC website earlier, and they have the "most read" section, I've attached a screenshot, it's a sad indication of the way things are going.
    Big Brother cr*p is top, while there are reports on the RTA in Iraq, succesful operations in Helmand. It even gets in above Saddam/Blair.
    I suggest a mass cull, now :evil:

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  2. I'm with you on this Crabby. Cull? It'd be an uphill cull, we're outnumbered by morons from druggie class to Govt.
  3. Well, when it warms up a bit and I've got a day off I'm going to protest naked outside parliment.
    We have a government more concerned with what goes on in other countries (how many "peace processes" around the world is his Tonyness "committed" to?), treats the armed forces poorly, has thrown buckets of cash at the NHS most of which has fallen into the PFI blackhole, the same will happen with education and the Labour party is about as trustworthy as a pikey offering to come round and cut your hedge.
    Our public are more concerned with total sh*te than home affairs, current affairs or even international affairs. We've had it so easy for quite a while now (last recession about.... 14 years ago?), few really bad strikes, the nation is generally rich and most can "afford" that big fcuking tv with sky to watch their endless strictly come pop big brothering. We have a youth who are both despised and yet apparently when it comes to drink/drugs/sex are better behaved than previous generations. Yet the attitude of a sizeable minority of youngsters is awful, aggressive and for some frightening.
    We cull badgers, deer etc, and yet these are minor pest compared to our underclass :evil:
  4. blue-sophist

    blue-sophist LE Good Egg (charities)

    I do see a slight flaw or three to your otherwise outstanding perception of a [interim?] solution ...

    1. Where do we bury or otherwise dispose of them?
    2. Who will do the obviously disagreeable disposal work?
    3. Who will empty my septic tank when it's all done?

    otherwise - truck on ... :wink:
  5. Foot and Mouth 2001 the army eventually took over from DoE (as it was then I think, or had they had that wonderfully costly name change to DEFRA?) and we saw some brilliantly organised mass culls of livestock and pyres burning across the country.
    That answers no.1 and no.2

    No.3 The people who empty your septic tank can be interesting, intelligent, employable and respectable; some of the best people I've ever met are in "manual trades" as opposed to some academics etc
  6. 60,000,000+ UK citizens. Take away illegal immigrants (how many?), prison poulation (80,000), criminals on the run (how many?) underworld criminals (how many?), common criminals (how many?), peaedeophiles(how many?), crooked businessmen (how mnay?) and crooked politicians (how many?) and how many decent people do you have left from 60+ million?
  7. As I have said before, HMP West Falkland. We have built a prison on Pitcairn to house the paedos that live there. Why waste taxpayers money and not put it to proper use? It's a British territory. Send some of the 80,000 there. It is between New Zealand and Peru in the pacific ocean!

    People will scream and shout! but who gives a fcuk!

    Pte Vinegar will be there sooner or later. As for Jade Goody, she told everyone that she is the '25th most influential person in the world' so fcking send her where she would have more influence. Tristan Da Cuhna!
  8. Have people become less law abiding over the years or has the law allowed people to get away with far too much?
  9. Both, the naturally law abiding see the tossers get away with murder so the pendulum has swung towards criminal activity being more acceptable.
    Even if it is just petty acts of vandalism, blaring music loud at night, usual crap thats not serious but can greatly affect quality of life.

    This has come at a time of some kind of 'Chav Culture' Now I'm from a working class family in the north west of England so I'm not looking down on these people but around the mid 1990s. It was deemed to be cool, to be like the simian cnut Liam Gallagher (being the worst offender), being a v sign throwing, gobshite chimp was fantastic. Did you notice then other celebrities following this pricks suit?

    When this happens then the ordinary public ape their heros and it all
    goes on a downward spiral.

    People copy each other. It doesn't take many to fcuk it all up. People celebrate stupidity in this country and thus why Jade Goody is a millionaire for absolutley no reason at all!
  10. Then let 10,000 decent UK citizens (if there are that many) chip in and buy enough hard setting cement to drop into the English Chanel so we can form our own island. I vote we call it Chavless Island and adopt the death penalty for dropping litter. There will be no religion on our island.
  11. Hmm.. would rather round up the chavs, their parents and their pitbull terriers, get the hard setting concrete island and drop it on their fcuking heads! :D

    Preferably from a great height!

    Then reclaim this island which is great but could do with a bit more sunshine and any chavs that survive the concrete banjoing. Send them to Pitcairn!

    Jeremy Kyle would be on the dole but there are always casualties in 'social engineering' :D
  12. I cannot understand this obsession with wanting to kill people and promoting capital punishment. Don't you read the papers? Apparently it is far more effective and painful to call the feckers names and insult them.
  13. I noticed the insult of "ASBO" doesn't seem to have much effect. Our judicial system has the teeth of a 105 year old giving a gummy blowjob
  14. The Romans found that Christians v Lions was a crowd puller. Why can't some TV station come up with Chavs v Pitbulls? That would make enjoyable viewing and also solve a few of our social problems.
  15. I'd love a reality TV show on such an excellent theme. Imagine Davina 'rent-a-mouth' McCall...... "Guys, the lines are now closed. One of you will be going home. But which one of you will be coming back next week to play 'I'm Wanna be Ravaged by a Pitbull'? And the public have voted........."

    Now that I would watch....