Sad state of affairs!


To our REME Brethren, I was bored and looking on ebay when I came across this and am gobsmacked! :x

(I hope the link works!! If it doesn't its ebay item no 220067918244)

Is there anything the REME Association can do for this guy? In my opinion there is no way this should ever happen, I am coming to the end of my 22 and couldn't part with my medals, but as he said, it is a big bad world out there, and bills have to be paid...
Hopefully there is something that can be done, I will try and post this on the Seniors forum also. Any thoughts or ideas??? There are too many guys having to sell their medals, AND IT AIN'T RIGHT!!!!!!


Just to add one more point... If there are any 'Journos' out there watching this site, this is the sort of thing that has to be reported on when it comes to H.M. Forces. (and these aren't the only Operational Medals for sale just to 'make ends meet' on ebay..)
I totally agree and it also doesn't bode well for the guys who have just started in the Army.

This is a very sorry state of affairs, I can't believe He has worked so hard ( and we do work hard on tour) for them only to flog them on Ebay.
I think, maybe, there are two trains of thought on this subject. It sounds to me like he is using smart marketing techniques in order to get the best price for something that he does not hold in as high a regard as he should do.

This guy has a mortgage and therefore, reading between the lines, is not destitute, homeless or hungry. He clearly states that he is selling his medals because "I DO HAVE A MORTGAGE HANGING AROUND MY NECK AND WOULD LOVE DEARLY TO GET SOME FUNDS TO HELP PAY SOME OF THIS OFF".

Same here and I am still serving. I am sure that there are many others (Civi and military) who would like to sell something of value in order to reduce their mortgage burden. However I will not be selling medals in order to pay it off.

Forward planning, pension and gratuity come to mind. He served 22 years and finished as a SSgt and I assume was pensionable. If, indeed he is in some sort of financial trouble then I would urge him to seek help from the many agencies available to him. Unless there is some particular hardship that can be attributable to the Armed Forces then I think we should congratulate (maybe not agree with) him on managing to sell his medals for the price he is going to get.

The Government and MOD is quite rightly being held to account at the moment for all sorts of reasons but lets not create something from nothing. Good luck to the guy.


I'm with B&T on this one, the guy obviously doesn't feel much pride in his service if he's flogging his medals. He can afford to buy and sell Traser Watches, he isn't living in a cardboard box yet is he?
I fail to see how he can be in such financial straits so soon after coming out ( The medals would suggest he's not been out long) with a 22 year S/Sgts pension, not to mention the years that he was on Senior rank pay prior to demob. I know of lots of ex REME who are living on the pittance that is the state pension who would cut off their arm before they'd sell their medals.It would be interesting to know how large a mortgage he has taken out.
I was tempted to merge this topic with the similar thread in the Militaria forum, but I won't.

Medals, would you.....

From reading the posts in the militaria forum it would seem there are two school's of thought.

1. Never, I got them for my service and I'm passing them on.

2. Sell em while the market's high, there just worthless bits of tin, what counts are your friends and memories.

Personally I'm more inclined to rest with the keep em camp. But I have three generations and two world wars worth of medals coming to me when my Dad croaks and I would like to add to it with my meagre contribution (and hopefully it stays meagre!).

I also think it would be a far harder choice to make if there were any gallantry awards in amongst them as the stakes get a lot higher on both sides of the equation - they mean more to the family and they are worth a hell of a lot more to collectors.
This is something that personally I don't think is anywhere as clear cut as collyfan1 would no doubt have us believe.
On Friday I was talking with a friend who has currently served 20 of his 22 years and has reached the rank of Sergeant, he told me the amount of money he will recieve from his (Sergeants) pension alone will be enough to pay a mortgage.
This tells me that something isn't quite right with collyfan1s story.
"and would love dearly to get some funds to help pay some of this off".
What would be wrong with perhaps getting a job, wouldn't that help pay some of it off?
I agree fully. When I was serving I bought a house as a full screw knowing I would probably never get a chance to live in it. I let it ofr a year or so ( too stressful) and then had some friends as lodgers. For a few months after I bought it felt like someone was going into my bank account and syphoning off half my income but at least I had the security of knowing that I had a regular wedge to cover it. (and a huge pay rise when I finished my tiffy course)
Too many people serve and treat the Army as eat drink and be merry because tomorrow you might be dead. It can be cold on the outside unless you stick a bit away for later which reminds me I must review my pension plans.
If after 22 years someone is so destitute that he genuinely has to sell his gongs for what appears to be an exhorbitant price then the system has failed each and every one of us for not giving the proper guidance during our careers.
If on the other hand he is just using this as a clever marketing ploy then good luck to him and the mug who sheds for them. Clearly he is treating his Army service with the same level of care as it has teated him.
Nige said:
I'm with B&T on this one, the guy obviously doesn't feel much pride in his service if he's flogging his medals. He can afford to buy and sell Traser Watches, he isn't living in a cardboard box yet is he?


Just to add to this thread, Collyfan1 served his last 2 years (in the mess unaccompanied) at my previous unit. He was a very good Artisan SSgt and worked right through to his last day, without any talk of having his last six months at home with his wife (as I have seen many others think is their right!). however i also know that he successfully applied for an Art Veh NRPS post and turned it down, as it meant that he would have had to relocate his family or serve again unaccompanied, so he obviousley puts his family first. He is also a straight talking guy, and I believe that he is more content with the memories of his service and friends than keeping the metal work to show for it! look at it this way, if he kept the medals, his daughter would probably sell them in years to come, and if it goes towards paying off the mortgage, the daughter will get the house later!!
a few grand wouldn,t make much of a dent in his mortgage on today,s prices.must be a sales pitch but i find it pretty sad i,d rather live in a box than sell my hard earned medals.


I have four generations of family medals that I could NEVER part with, no matter what hardships lay ahead of me. It makes the whole thing feel cheep somehow....


Thought about this for a second and then remembered that it took ages for me to get both Gulf War medals and when I did get them they arrived in a jiffy bag through the internal post.

So when I see a value of £1,020.00 then I know where mine are ending up very very soon. My photo's are my memories...these are just worthless items that wont see the light of day after I get out.

and if I get £1,020.00 I can just go out and buy some cheap repro ones for when I am old and parading in London.
'Tis a sad man indeed who pawns his service medals.

'Tis a sadder man who buys 'em.
Devil_Dog said:
'Tis a sad man indeed who pawns his service medals.

'Tis a sadder man who buys 'em.

Does'nt Winston Spencer-Churchill (born October 10, 1940), generally known as Winston Churchill collect VC's?
22 years service and a string of operational tours.
He can do what he likes with his medals - he has earned them and their disposal is entirely in his gift. I find it sad that he has to sell them , but I do not know his circumstances and any comment on this transaction would be impertinent.


plw1970 said:
Did they really go for £1060 (wow!) what would you get for a kidney!

Finally went for £1860! Would probably get about £8 for one of my kidneys, too much vodka...

Good luck to the guy anyway. :thumleft:

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