Sad state of affairs

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by brettarider, Sep 4, 2006.

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  1. I was out walking the dogs tonight overthe parkon the way back some girls aged about 10/12 started making a fuss of my Lurcher/Collie X and asking questions about her. Felt a bit uneasy in case someone thought I was up to no good. I think it's pretty sad that you can't even speak to kids these days in case someone thinks your a pedo just wanted to get the dog back on the lead and move on
  2. Yep, know the feeling. When I take my kids to the park near by often other young kids will hang about and generally be chatty. Next doors young boy wouldn't stop moaning because I wouldn't push him on the swings at the smae time as my daughter. So I did but I had to lift the 6 year old in and out of the swing to do so. I feel much better if my wife's there too.
  3. "Guilt by association."

    It's hard to even look at a child today without feeling uneasy about how it will be perceived by others. Sad state of affairs (excuse the pun)

  4. It's hard for doomandgloom to look at them without beating them up if you read some of his other posts!

    (standby for retaliatory fire)
  5. Its called 'Rantzenism'

    The notion that any male who shows any attention, friendliness or affection to a child is a predatory paedophile, other than just a decent human being who sees the collective responsiblity of protecting and nurturing the young of our species as entirely natural and genetically and socially programmed into all of us.

    Most paedophiles prey on members of their own family, not complete strangers. Most paedophiles are white heterosexual men, who prey on pre pubescent girls.

    But thanks to Esther, we are all under suspicion
  6. Touching them up is a no-no. Beating the crap out of them is honourable........