Sad, sad day in Scotland


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BBC reports thousands of cans of Stella lost forever!


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Aye, maybe's you're right, but those 45,000 cans of Stella would have helped get over the game (or celebrate of course! :) )
Guys from my work went over to get some as it happended just over from their office some of them got 200 cans the cunts only told me at 16.30 I was near by at 15.30 still they promised me some on Monday
I've never heard of it referred to as 'debris' before, :shock: that fucking reporter has NO SOUL, 'debris' fucking 'DEBRIS'...sacrilegeous bastard.
Annoying thing was I seen pallets of them all over the road around lunch time I'd hate to be a copper in Tannochside/view park tonight it'll be like day of the dead around there!
I'm just wondering that if Buckfast Abbey ever burned down would there be a national day of mourning?
I would imagine so, it seemed to be the beverage of choice for most people on the scheme I had the misfortune to live on for a couple of years. One of my aunties was particulary fond of it, but used some unusual mixers with the stuff- Irn Bru, milk. Milk FFS? I dread to think what that tasted like!
At least it wont cost us, the taxpayer, anything to remove the "debris". I would think that task will have been completed by willing volunteers.
That is most commendable and maybe Scotland is leading the way with Cameron's big society bollox? ;)
Is that Pussy Galore's sister?
No pussy galore was a lesser known film where a shipload of Thai whore's gets wrecked on a remote Scotish island and the locals plucky story of how they evaded the Polis and kept them as sex slaves in their cellars. :)
The film "Whiskey Galore" springs to mind. Nice freebie.

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