Sad reflection on our times

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by knockknee, Sep 25, 2008.

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  1. Here is the link

    The copper's daughter had an arm broken and his son was glassed.

    The copper attends Alcoholics Anonymous. He took the law into his own hands and dished out a hiding. The guy who glassed his son got a community sentence and the copper got time.

    Both sides are wrong in law but look at the disparity of sentence.
  2. Just about sums it up really - Its amasing that people actually believe that plod get special treatment in cases such as these and in court in general.

    Nevermind that it is common place for Bobbies to be freely called liars in court (Unchallenged) but now the courts do their best to go after bobbies to set the example. Fcuk stting the example to the violent criminal who caused this - He's a victim of society.

    The Criminal Justice system in this country is fcuking awful.

    They both deserve Punishing severely however once again The criminals are protected in this case more so than the copper (Who in all fairness has become a criminal, regardless of motive).
  4. I don't have a problem with the sentance handed out to him. He's supposed to be the one upholding the law, after all. You can argue provocation, but he still has authority denied the man in the street. The responsibility's correspondingly higher and so should be the punishment for abusing it.

    The sentence handed out to his son's attacker was a complete disgrace, but not relevant to his. He did, after all, break into someone's house and attack an innocent man.
  6. My understanding is that these were separate incidents. There is no description here of the assault on the coppers son, but if one takes into account the incidents that happened involving this family, it would seem that they are not strangers to violence, and the lad would have in all probability been at fault.

    Illegal use of Police National Computer; Breaking and entering; Premeditated and sustained violent assault; Threatening and abusive behaviour; Conspiracy.

    Look at the disparity in the crime(s). Then look at the disparity in the sentences. Then see if there is a correlation.

    It is, unfortunately, commonplace for police officers to lie in court.

  8. Commonplace? Not often I come on here to defend my chosen profession. This however is balls. Prove this statement please.
  9. Any chance you can quantify that with some evidence?

    I'm not naive however I would be interested to see what evidence you have to suggest it is commonplace. Just curious as I certainly wouldn't lie in court because I like having a job and no criminal record.

    I know there are plenty these days with the same attitude as its easy to see here that the courts go after coppers who are guilty of anything. Only today we had some of our block in court and the parting message from the boss was "Give your evidence and get back here ASAP, if he gets off with it, so fcuking what he'll come again." (Note: Not "Lie like a bastard so he definately gets found guilty")

    As for the two offences committed. Be sure to smile if a member of your family is glassed and the piece of sh1t responsible gets a community order for in your opinion "Justice has been done".

    The Ex Copper is by no means innocent here. However in a true anti plod fashion the public insist on throwing the book at plods who beak the law, but allowing the rest of the population to get away with murder.
  10. Any chance you can quantify that with some evidence? :D

    Just because the public is not comfortable with those who exercise power abusing it doesn't qualify as anti-plod. Just anti-power-abusing. Plod have power denied to ordinary man, it's only right they should be held to a higher standard, no?
  11. The plods punishment seems fair, unless you conpare it to the scrotes.

    Both should be nailed to the fcuking wall.

  12. Ask Ms S McKie about the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth.
  13. I find it very difficult, nay impossible, to defend this copper. He was bang out of order, and deserved everything he got. He crossed the line by a long way. You can't compare the two cases. The scumbag that wounded his son deserved severe punishment, but you can't justify the coppers actions by the severity of his son's injury. That is the road to vigilantism sports fans. Surely the reason the police exist is to prevent mob rule
  14. Exemplum:
    R. v me and my two oppos.
    In summing up, the Sheriff (for it was in Scotland) said "...It is clear that either the defendants are lying, or the Police Officers are lying, and I find the defendants Not Guilty...."

    This is as near to verbatim as I can manage quarter of a century later.

    The way it was said definately gave the impression that this was not regarded as an unusual or noteworthy occurence.
  15. That is all I would ask for - Nothing more or less.