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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by jash, Aug 16, 2004.

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  1. Right I admit this is sad but Im having a disaggreement with a mate as to what is the definition of a TAB, ( I know need to get SKY, a life etc!) Its just we got a training programme to complete (individually) and one of the things on it is TAB-ing! Can anyone give me a definition so I can go back, pretend i knew all along and shut the f@#ker up! Cheers :?
  2. My understanding is a Tactical Advance to Battle.
  3. So why do booties call it Yomping?
  4. Because they are a queer lot
  5. Got to be a Wah :D
  6. bah, hats! :wink:

    As i understand it TAB'ing is faster with less kit. Yomping is more your human mule, let's see just how much a human being can actually carry sort of thing.
  7. They're both slang for the same thing ie long distance march with full is booty the other is opposed to the Guards/Kings/Queens Div version to "mince" or "cake walk"!! :D :wink:
  8. No TAB-ing is done in what used to be called belt order but these days is called C.E.F.O. Combat Equipment Fighting Order
  9. X-Inf

    X-Inf War Hero Book Reviewer

    Complete Equipment Fighting Order
  10. CEFO has been CEFO for as long as I have worn the green, and that's longer than every soldier under 31 has been alive. Belt order was what the guys used to wear in NI, a belt with a couple of water battle pouches and perhaps an ammo pouch.
  11. I believe that it stems from the Arnhem experience. Suitable DZs for all the attacking force could not be found nearer to the objective than 5 miles or so. This meant that the element of surprise was minimised as the Germans were alerted to the presence the Paras and had time to react before the bulk of the force were at the objective. The lesson drawn from this was that rapid movement towards the objective was an essential airborne tactic to make the most of the opportunity. Hitting the ground running so to speak.

    Yomping implies marching with all your equipment on your back and thus is much slower.
  12. I thought the idea was to call it a tab when around 'Royal' and yomp when around 'Reg' to get the maximum flash from the infantry. A bit like wets and brews.

    Have been in tabbing and yomping organisations myself and in practice they mean the same thing. But doesn't tab mean 'on your tabs' ie feet, or am I talking bollux as usual?

    How the Sunday evenings fly by....
  13. Tabs..............Something to do with smoking?
  14. The Corps has a colourful slang:

    Where Yomp derives from I don't know, but from day one any movement on foot was a yomp normally over long distances.

    Yomping is you and your kit with the groves on your shoulders suitable chiselled to take the load.

    Pongo's do not yomp enough.

    TAB is a perce word.

    I am a pongo now and I make the buggers yomp.

  15. Tabbing is a bit like yomping, but faster and with more weight. :lol: :wink:

    We were fed the Tactical Advance to Battle line in Depot but in reality when tabbing in training or in battalion it was basically load up and set off with the intention being to cover the ground / distance as fast as possible. Not very tactical 8O

    The original intention of clearing the DZ ASAP has been extended to provide a method of training to build up stamina over long distances. We very rearly tabbed in belt order unless it was the two miler test or out and back to the ranges.