Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Letterwritingman, Jul 10, 2004.

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  1. Sitting with my glass of wine, pondering the vagaries of life I thought ( in a non-self-deprecatiting way :wink: ) who the feck is bothered by ARRSE on a Saturday night? :?
  2. Those that have been out all day and indulged in retail therapy and am nackered 8)
    And wondering how gunny got on and why he isnt home early lol
    added, retail therapy has to be indulged in
    in Plymouth lol.
  3. The question is - who is in here???

    Check out the saddos........

    Hands up!!!!
  4. And why is there no thing for sad and married?????
  5. happy and divorced is better dale :wink: :lol: 8)
  6. Feckin hell have only just workrd pou how to podt.......... :oops:
  7. Married and Sad :evil: Tempted by Lippys philosophy 8O :lol: :lol:
  8. Only a few months left Lippy!!!!!!
  9. Um............i'm straight so expect no more posts from me on this subject.....we appear to be having a sisterhood thing!! 8O
  10. Stop feeling sorry for yourselves losers.

    Me?......I'm married. She's great. We're loaded. I'm chuffed.

    Ain't life sweet, when you get it right 8)
  11. Sure is.........I too am lucky :D
  12. Life's great ain't it LM? I particularly enjoy gloating about it on this site. Especially when reading the sad tales of woe, posted by the resident single mums/dumped wives/too ugly to be married in the first place types.

    I occasionally throw bread and jam at their scruffy urchin kids and I encourage my daughters to ride their new bikes through the 'rougher' MQ estates.
  13. Lippy, you wrote this at just after 10pm last night. It was around that time I went into shitfaced and silly mode with my 'date' in a pub. At 2am this morning I was playing with her tits, and at 9am this morning she wannked me off. So I'd say I had a good night, and certainly not spent here on ARRSE.
  14. Debrief time. So what happened between 0200 and 0900?
  15. You really don't wanna know........

    But I am sure he will tell :lol: