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Discussion in 'Old & Bold' started by No_Duff, Feb 9, 2012.

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  1. Major Joe Schofield MBE aged 90. Passed away yesterday evening with his family around his bed. A true SAS legend . Joe served in 1 SAS, 21 SAS, 22 SAS and 23 SAS and saw service with the Wartime Regiment in North Africa,The Western Desert, Sicily, Italy. France, Germany and with 22SAS in Malaya and Aden. Possibly the longest serving SAS soldier of all time from 1941 until 1987. ( Copywrite SASA)

    A nice bloke. RIP Joe.
  2. He had a good innings in reaching 90 years of age. I always walked on glass when entering the QM's in his days at Bradbury Lines. I still wear a G10 aviators watch he issued me with in 1972, and which became a talking point when we met. RIP
  3. I'm not usually one for adding to RIP threads but that career is bloody impressive.

    RIP sir.
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  4. Fashionably late......just got the news via an association email:



  5. My sincere sympathy to the Schofield family. I have just come accross a letter that Joe was kind enough to sent to a relative of mine regarding the time he served with my uncle, Sgt. Chris O'Dowd. They had known each other since the early days of the Commandos. It was most informative! Rest in peace Joe and thanks.