Sad news

Nick Cranshaw, formerly of the Royal Anglians and later after passing his pilots course the Army Air Corps passed away aged 41.

I only found out after flicking through this years NRA magazine.

I recal nick as being one of the finest full bore rifle shots I've ever met. He was part of the Great Britain team at one stage and was the captian of the Corps shooting team in 92-93, even if he did look like the Milky bar kid :D

He left the Army as a Major in 1999 after ten years service and was awarded the MBE.

Sad that you learn about the passing of friends in such bizarre ways, I'd have liked the opportunity to pay my respects at his funeral.

RIP mate.
I remember Nick coming through Wallop on his pilot's course. A thoroughly nice bloke, and did very well on his course IIRC. :(
It always gets the good blokes...........May he be clocking up hours in pilot heaven. RIP

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