Sad news - Ron Marshall

Ron Marshall has died of cancer at the age of 73. Well known to all who passed through Ashford depot c. 1973, when he instructed on Combat Intelligence, and subsequently up to the time before he left as a Lt Col. PM me for funeral details (Thursday at Tunbridge Wells).
At the risk of sounding trite, he was a very good man. An example to me when I was but a callow youth.

Very sad news.
Apologies for the uninformative title. He was indeed one of the good guys. The Secretary of Kent ICA will pass on any messages of condolence.
Sad news- he was OC 8 Coy in around 85 and a great guy that I had a lot of respect for. RIP.
I met Tiny during two periods; when he was instructing at Depot and when he was my CO much later. In both roles he was (to my now-tutored eye) exemplary in doing his best for those under his charge, and provided an excellent example for just that; I later tried to emulate his way of instruction, conversation and gentle direction to those working for me, and I hope that it worked for a number of former Corps and other people in my charge over the years who are surely on the way to great things. There's no doubt that the wisdom some people have trickles down the generations, further than they may have thought when they first imparted it.


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Shite. Another good one gone. Wouldn't it be nice if some of the arseholes died, as well?
This is indeed sad news. Ron was my CO just before he retired and I had the very great pleasure of receiving my third stripe from him.
Unfortunately, I only received notice of his funeral late last night so can't attend the funeral; any of you on these pages planning to attend?
Sadly out of the country, so missed the gig.

Ron came to work as our IO in a wooden hut back in 1982. Despite his age, he ran his own under-stated pre-para, before two of us did ours. During this he gently ran we two younger men in to the ground

A measured intelligence professional ( CORPORATE had just kicked off) and an LE officer that knew how to look after his blokes. (something of a scarcity back in those days)

Not only did he pull me out of the mire, that would otherwise still have me and my YBF on the barrier at Ashford today, he was a deep store of advice on house purchase and other matters domestic. When I get back home, I'll be raising one of those wine glasses you handed down in 1982 Ron.

A number will still be queuing up to buy you one at the bar on the other side.

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