Sad news: "Nails" is no more.....

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by regular_imbiber, May 16, 2012.

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  1. Dear All, it is my sad duty to inform you that the term "nails" as in "that PT was fucking nails" or "dont wind him up,he's fucking nails" has now officially been declared obsolete in the Armyspeak dictionary.

    It has been replaced (or so I've noticed) by the new term "lick". This is used in much the same way: "what a lick that PT was" and "just back from exercise mate, what a fucking lick it was".

    The demise of nails follows the death of "gleaming" in 1998 and "mint" in 2002.
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  2. But a striking reassurgance of the term "bollo". Where did that sneak in?!

    Clusterfuck is still going strong, at least it is where I work...
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  3. "That cft was a bit of a lick out"
    and also heard

    "Clip" ie knackered and "turbo clip"
  4. Isn't 'lick' just short for 'lickout', as in "that TAB was a right fucking lickout"?

    Nails is still used extensively!
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  5. Lick?! How on earth can that replace nails? Or anything for that matter?
  6. "Gleaming" & "Mint" are still going strong in my little part of the planet.

    "Lick" can fecking "do one."
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  7. As soon as "innit" becomes part of Army slang, I will gladly join the Taliban/Continuity IRA or whatever and slot a few of the fuckers.
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  8. "innit" is heard thousands of times a day where I work, unfortunately.

    I hate "lick" and "lick out" but people who should really know better use them constantly.
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  9. I thought NINJA had replaced NAILS!?
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  10. Ive certainly heard... 'That was a beast of a CFT' Lick just doesnt sound right. Long live Nails!!!

    ps.. at first I thought you were talking about the jock who got half his head shot off and survived. Thank god he is still going strong!
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  11. Lesbian's hopefully
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  12. Hmm, gleaming still going strong at ours...but that said, TA's always been five or ten years behind the regs!
  13. Anything is better than 'hoofin'' - talking to a Bootneck the other day, every other word was bloody hoofin', until I told him to stop it.
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  14. I personally believe that there is still room in the English language for the term "lick out",but certainly not in the context of fucking running anywhere.
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  15. I agree, and it should involve a wench.
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