Sad loser scours facebook for dirt...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by chocolate_frog, May 21, 2011.

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  1. Errr.... So?
  2. God forbid hard working people should enjoy themselves in this country. I know!! Lets get them all sacked so they can go on benefits and be like the rest of no hope wankers.
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  3. Dear god! Won't someone think of the house prices!
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  4. Shouldn't it be "Sad losers use facebook".
  5. Must be a very quiet day for news.............. there again, stones and greenhouse may come into the equation.
  6. Their from MK! The whole city is a shithole.
  7. Drinking and pole dancing, a group of primary school teachers pose for a series of unsavoury images they saw fit to publish on Facebook.

    Six female teachers, including the deputy head, are pictured in Army gear at a raucous hen party which parents have described as ‘shocking’.

    In one image one of the women, wearing a skimpy skirt, is seen with her leg wrapped provocatively around a pole.
    Brazen: One of the party, from Langland Community School in Milton Keynes, gets into the swing of things

    Brazen: One of the party, from Langland Community School in Milton Keynes, gets into the swing of things

    Read more: Disgrace of the six drinking, pole-dancing primary school teachers who published the pictures on Facebook | Mail Online

    Hmm, she could get her legs wrapped around me anytime! ;-)
    FFS, havn't the parents got anything better to do ?
  8. My outrage gland has dried up. I can't get annoyed either about teachers going on the lash or about tedious, Mail-reading tagnuts not liking the fact.

    I might go and have a big shit.
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  9. "One parent claims that when he showed the images to head Kate Stuart he was told to ‘mind his own business’.
    The father, who did not want to be named, said: ‘She said what she and her staff did out of school was up to them."

    Not up for disclosing his identity? The advice giving him seems about right.
  10. Breaking news just in

    daily mail prints non newsworthy items from the outrage bus
  11. Ahhhh - more crap from the Daily Hate. We all know it prints opinions not news.....
  12. Nothing to see,
    Move on please.
    Non story.

  13. Isn't they guy who printed the pictures guilty of copyright theft and even some sort of poison pen offence?

    Who cares anyway, a few lasses out having a good time, good for them.