SAD lamp, light alarm clock etc

One of my friends (an ex-squaddie) had on his facebook status the other day how good they are (He described being sat in front of one as "fucking mint!") So I was wondering if anybody on here has tried one & what did they think?

Do they give the same sort of happy buzz people get when it's sunny? Do they really effect energy levels etc? Or is it just snake oil?

And Chubb, no doubt you will have something to say about this using one of your latest usernames, but don't bother.

Have a look HERE for some answers but i myself have never used it. This is quite helpful TOO
Cheers for the PMs fellow ARRSERs & the reply above Ostvic.

I've bought a light alarm clock. One word to describe it - brilliant :)

I've woken up earlier than usual these past couple of days (without the normal brain fog). Using the Sun Set setting, I can fall asleep in about twenty minutes - it normally takes me about three hours. This is probably what my brain has been craving all my life when I've felt the need to put a radio/TV on, to help me get to sleep.

I would definitely recommend it as a consideration to people who have problems sleeping or who work shift work (as I've worked nights the past two years (on top of my degreee) and think I might have confudled my internal bodyclock. I've also not woken up at random points in the in night, which is normal for me, since using the light fading setting. Although I did feel like I had jet lag of about four hours behind the real time yesterday - maybe that's how much my clock was out of sycn :?

Also, on advice - I've changed my dull, yellow & generally horrible energy saving bulbs (that were in my bedroom), to "full spectrum" thingy-majigs (still energy saving, but brighter & a bit more expensive). Makes a huge difference to how my room now feels & I now find when in other parts of the shared house, with those horrible energy bulbs, my eyes hurt & I get headaches.