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sad jokes

Hurricane katlin; Typical woman, when she came she was warm, wet & windy and when she left she took the house, the car and feckin everything else!!!
Apparently, there isn't a house in New Orleans.
5 black men in purple dinner jackets and bow ties were found today under a pier in New Orleans...DNA tests later revealed them to be The Drifters!!
going awawy from the katlin hurricane heres another sad joke... There was once a little mouse called keith, who circumcised men with his teeth, it wasnt for leisure or sexual pleasure it was just for the cheese underneath!!!!
An egg and sausage in a frying pan....the egg says to the sausage..."god damm its hot in here..", the sausage says "FUCK ME A TALKING EGG!!!"
A Punk sat on a train eating prawns...spitting the heads at a nun across the aisle from him. The nun proceeds to pick the heads off her, throwing them out of the window and pull on the emergency cord.. The punk laughs and says " Do you know you could get a £50 fine for doing that?" the nun replies" Do you know that when I cry Rape and they smell your fingers you could get 10 years? "

lmfao :lol:

Grrrrr at the inability to type whilst having a telephone conversation !!
Man comes home from the pub very late & very drunk- wife says OK smart arse explain the lipstick on your shirt- feckin easy he said- i used my shirt to wipe my cock!!

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