Sad day

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Porridge_gun, Dec 22, 2003.

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  1. Porridge_gun

    Porridge_gun LE Good Egg (charities)

    After a year of zero fatalities, especially since we have been at war it is a great upst to see the lives of two guys cut short in a crash in Londonderry.

    Thoughts go out to family and friends and to all those involved at 5 Regt.

    RIP felllas
  2. Totally agree PG.

    Still awaiting any news.

    One 5hit part of the job.

    (All I ask is we don't have any impromtu BOI's on here until facts are out. I know this is usually a pprune phenomena and we tend to be sensible on here.)
  3. One of the sad certainties in aviation and one of the reasons why I'ved never begrudged flying pay; times like this make you realise that our pilots sometimes earn it the hard way. Sympathies to the families and all the lads/lasses still stagging on in Ulster :(
  4. Tragic no good time of the year but at this time particularly bad, thoughts and sympathy to families and friends of deceased.
  5. Dirt_Diver

    Dirt_Diver LE Moderator

    Sincere sympathies to the friends, families and collegues.
  6. Nearly made it to the end of the year then this shit happens, what a sickener. Heart felt sympathies to the relatives, friends and families of those involved, a very sad day in the Corps.
  7. Very bad news, so close to Christmas too :(
  8. My thoughts are with the families, friends and comrades of those lost today.

  9. Must have spoken to them loads of times ....really sad thoughts are with the families
  10. Tragic, absolutely tragic. My condolences to the families of the crew. If anyone knows who was involved please, please PM me ASAP. Thankyou.
  11. The crew's names have been released into the public domain

    They are :-
    Sgt Simon Bennett and Capt Andy Nicholl

    Si Bennett was ex Welsh Guards and recently left 9 regt to go over to the muddy toilet, shared a fair few beers in the 'dark side'

    Andy Nicholl was a new AAC officer not long out of the box, sad to say never knew him,

    Our thoughts are with their families at this particularly difficult time

    Good friends, sadly missed, never forgotten.

    Rest Peacefully
  12. my deepest sympathies to the families, friends and members of 5Regt AAC on the sad loss of Capt Nicholl and Sgt Bennett. The work they did here is appreciated by many of us in the Province. May they rest in peace.
  13. I've just been introduced to this site, and sadly I read first of all about a tragic incident in NI. I remember only too well what it's like to be involved in such a tragedy. My thoughts are with the families of those whose names I didn't know but whose profession I did.

    Regards to all and compliments of the season.