Discussion in 'Sappers' started by plant_op_till_i_die, Feb 6, 2007.

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  1. Is it just me or is my trade dying out?

    As we know i am a plant section commander and it seems to me that the corps has basically given away the plant trade. :thumbdown: Now that this ppp crap has come in and all plant has been given to ALC, we have no job. You have to give 6 weeks notice to get kit for training or tasks, ALC service all the kit, they also complete all 'a' jobs and they charge us for doing so.

    There is no hands on for the boys anymore, and no jobs for them to do. All my boys do is sit around all week and play euchre or poker, sorry, not all week, they do first parade our one and only 4cx once a week!!

    What has the world come to, we may as well leave the army and hire ourselves out to the army as civvy planties willing to go on tour!! We may even get more money!!!

    Anyone out there feel the same?
  2. B4 I start I want to no comments about the layout!

    I had the pleasure of being in THE Corps as a Planty for 22 years and its sad that things have to change! I personally dont think it will be for the good!

    Unfortunately it is ' the corporate ' way to save money.

    I know a couple of civvies on the Ponderosa at the moment that are ex- instructors and if they have anything to do with it there will be no detriment to the overall training of our baby planties!

    p.s How are you settling in in BAOR ? You should have headbutted the little f*cker instead of the polite slap!

    All the best to ALL of you out there.
  3. you can book the kit and go and do plant ex's how good is your ssgt/mpf?

    you can even get more plant than your unit use to have...

    and even kit not green

    get on a MACC task good trg value for yourself and troop. of course its sh**e at the moment but all my breakdowns were fixed in a 3/4 hour window including replacing hyd hoses not the 3 week DFI demand and finding you got the wrong hose.

    any problems phone the help line make ALC work for there money!!!
  4. Germany is good thanks, finding more and more things to do, thanks to the boys on here :thumright:

    Just got NO work at all, and i mean it is like being a knocker, start at 8 finish at 0810 :blowkiss:

    Wished i had of hedbutted the little fu**er as well, especially now that he has left the army :pissedoff: :pissedoff:
  5. Fitter has been dying out for years now, ALC fix everything now, so even when planties fat fingers break things we still have fcuk all to do!
    The Corps is offering golden hello's and sh1t for new fitters to entice them into the job, for what to try to convince them to give up their pride and self respect and do clerk of works.
    The fitter trade is a 12 year enlistment now, because full screw is as much a we're gonna get.
  6. In a word - Yes! It's just the same now for surveyors, CMTs, and both draughtsmen trades. It seems Clerk of Works call the shots now - the meek really did inherit the Earth!

    Heard the latest from REMCM Div? - "a bad tradesman is better than no tradesman". Corps must be gearing up for PPP at the RSME when the partner will just pass everyone, no matter what the standard, because that's what civvy colleges do and that's how they get paid!
  7. You're lucky it only 6 weeks, most ALC depots want a minimum of 90 days notice for kit. Provided the civvies teaching down the field are ex military I can't see the training dropping down that much. As for getting more kit that was never a problem, you could just bid for it as per normal. It is better getting civvy kit because the guys get competent on different models of plant. As for the maintainence your unit will decide on the level of maintainence and repari ALC take on so if ALC do everything less first parades it's your units fault, not ALC.
    My winge is that 30 or so full screw slots are going. It will backfill holes but that means there is an even tighter promotion squeeze for lance jack to full screw because of all those posts going.
  8. 30 posts will not be going for ppp. There is a shortfall of MPF'S plant stream is still strong stop writing your trade off its the best trade its up to the nco's to keep the sappers trained and happy
  9. If the posts aren't going where are they going to put 30 odd full screws even with a few more squadrons being formed?
    I know that there will be a few left for ECM because I can't see too many civvies wanting to go on exercise.
  10. full screws can be put anywhere and planties can adapt to anything you would be surprised at how may plant tp's been run by LCpl's you might of done it a few years ago plant life!!!
  11. I supose it depends if you are happy being forced into an SQMS or QM job. It's important but the work that is done is underappriecated.
  12. Lets face it the fitter trade has never been a "trade for life" most fitters will leave the trade stream to go SQ, CLk Wks etc at some point if they want to get on...rolling around in grease has to get boring at some and one day planties will have something they can't break (maybe that's pushing the envelope a bit?!!)
  13. Yes, i appreciate we can get the kit and we also get to use a different variety of kit when ALC deliver it,. BUT, when a TQMS is saying that if we have to pay extra becaus you want kit in 10 days and not the allocated 90 so you can't have it, what are we meant to do>

    My MPF or Sgt can only do so much before they are told to wind there necks in. With sqn training plans already written and not including trade training in it, where are we menaat to find the time to fit som plnt trg in? MACC tasks are great but agian, it comes from well above my pay level to ok them and as much as i ask i keep getting the big no no.

    The trade is still the best in the corps and we are still the proudest but we are being forced away. If wheel nuts are commenting to me that we seem to be a dying trade now due to no work
  14. That would have been a perfect posting for Nighttrained so that he can concentrate on his fitness!!!
  15. Sappers used to do railways. Early 60s railway work ended. Action in former Yugoslavia means sapper railway work reinstated.
    We will always need plant ops, its just that with the present government MOD will always be looking for ways to cut the official budget, even if it really costs more in the end.
    Hang on in there plant-op