Sad Day for Corp, ctauch and Lord Flashy

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Rocketeer, Mar 17, 2005.

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  1. British neuroscientist Keith Kendrick says it is clear from his studies that female sheep actively solicit and enjoy sex -
    and may even have orgasms.
    However, the ewes appear to forget about their lovers far more quickly than women do..
    [ hah!.. women never forget a man they went to bed with.. they compare them all and and rate them for years and years .]

    Corp in field: Well, Hellooo Dolly..
    Sheep: Excuse me? do I know you?
    Corp: What? how can you say that after last night?
    Sheep: Short Term memory loss
    Corp: but we were so good together
    Sheep: Bahhh...
    Corp: but, its me!. Corp!..
    Sheep: Who?.. oh, look its Brad Pitt...
    Corp: Who?
    Sheep: oh, not you too...
  2. Can't see that stopping them, just means they can shag the same one again....even if they are a shiit shag :wink:
  3. But it would get kind of boring and pathetic them having to buy the sheep a new box of chocco's every night and use the same lines over and over again to get them to put out..

    Never say " want a shag? " to a sheep.. They think you're trying to sell them a rug made out of their mother...
  4. It never stops us normal blokes going for a shag with a women now does it :twisted:
  5. Aww bless.
    The three sheepshaggerteers :lol: :lol:
    (ok and Dui) :wink:
  6. I really resent rocketeer calling the lovely ladies of ARRSE "sheep". :wink:
  7. Ooiii!!! I shag QAs not fact sheep are bound to be more there's an idea :twisted:
  8. Ooo, witty, Corp..

    tell me what's the success ration between your purchases of chocoboxes and the ' sheep ' putting out for a bit o' the ol' Corp?

    Use negative integers if you have to..
  9. [imgyou know better than that[/img]

    Fecking hell Corp, yer standards have improved!
  10. Thank you.
  11. Yep, your standards have improved corpse. Just what was that bloke doing to your penis? And what is that in your right hand?
  12. That wasn't a bloke, that was Mrs. Flash. And in my right hand is the fiver I promised. :wink:
  13. My mistake. I thought that was you layed on the bonnet of the motor. Things fat blokes do for money, eh!
  14. Come on Mods :roll:

    It wasn't that bad.....sure it was of a naked Corps but I have seen worse on here. It is the NAAFI after all :twisted:

    Ever been to a Hospital NAAFI full of QAs 8O
  15. So, with what do you bind the sheep to make them more intelligent?