Sad but true.......Worst Impersonations Of An Officer...

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by endex, Nov 1, 2006.

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  1. Went to a RBL Concert last sunday, saw a ACF Officer wearing the following:

    No Number 2's
    AGC Jumper
    Para Wings
    Commando Dagger
    Primark Trousers
    Millets Shoes
    Black Beret with Para Cap Badge

    During the service, did not react for 12 seconds when the National Anthem was played, stood at ease through the last post.

    Culmination of the day was when I caught him chatting up a 15yr old female, (good looking too.....blast) and fag in mouth at the end of the service.


    Is there any better than this?

    PS. Was also wearing the GS Cross (What is that anyhow?)
  2. I'm confused - AGC Jumper??? What, a sweat-shirt ???

    He is obviously an ueber walt with mad aspirations, Para clerk officer attached to the royal tank regiment..... oh, and commisioned from the royal marines!

    Hells bells....
  3. There are some things money can't buy, for everything else there's MASTERCARD.

    And/or eBay.
  4. My sons ACF unit wear Black berets with the Para badge, the audults however don't ( as far as I know )

  5. Ive sent you a pm
  6. Was it you Emptyeye??? Go on you can tell us, we won't mind.


  7. I loved Spike Milligan's description of a wartime FOO as, "the only Subaltern in the British Army ever to be arrested for impersonating an officer". Somehow that sprang to mind...
  8. Not me mate, but I have a feeling I do know who it might be, and I am just going to love ripping him a new one him in public
  9. Wouldn't have happened in SE Kent perchance??
  10. Outstanding or What?

  11. This post wins my approval.
  12. The gs cross is one of those commerative medal they used to sell in the
    back of soldier magazine.Worn by walts and soldiers wearing blues/no2 at weddings.
    The acf officer does pose an intresting etiquette question though.If a para
    &marine of equal rank chanced upon the thing who gets to grip him first?
    Even if he had passed both courses (stranger things have happened)he sounds like he had let the side down badly.
  13. Why does it seem that so many British dress up as soldiers when they are not entitled to ? Especially when many public don't hold such a high regard (or are neutral) to the military. Maybe it is with the forced conscription here that many don't feel the need to dress up.. plus it can be a negative to many young women (another fumbling conscript who won't be there for a while !)
  14. Dress uniform looks good if properly fitted.And without conscription away from garrison town most civilians have an ignorance about the army and all
    things military.So if you want to add a sense of glamour to your mundane
    life invent a military career.
  15. Ah, is it a bit like why (from reports) many English girls are mad over firemen and suchlike ? Man in uniform syndrome (a bit like some and schoolgirl clothing?)