Sad, but it needs to be read.

Telegraph, 10 Jun

Life Guard killed himself over car fines

A member of the Queen's Life Guard hanged himself with a ceremonial bridle chain because of worries about parking fines, an inquest heard yesterday.Simon Wall, who took part in the Queen Mother's funeral procession, was found by a fellow trooper hanging from a beam in the stables at Hyde Park barracks on April 21.

Hours earlier he had faced demands from bailiffs for more than £1,000. Mr Wall, 36, was being pursued for three minor debts: two parking fines and a congestion charge fine. But the sums had soared because of non-payment and the bailiffs' fees.

Two days before he died, Mr Wall, a corporal of the horse and a divorced father of two, had telephoned his mother without giving any hint of his problems, Westminster coroner's court heard. Four hours before his death he sent a text message to his girlfriend telling her about his "busy day".

Dr Paul Knapman, the coroner, said he found it "astonishing" that such minor motoring fines should "escalate" to more than £1,000.

Verdict: suicide.

I debated whether to post this, but I felt it was proper. For the guys out there - just tell the chain if something happens. For the chain, a reminder of how things can get out of hand.
We have enough crap to deal with when we're on Ops. Lets keep looking after each other and prevent this sort of sad event.
It's amazing how a couple of small problems can mount up to make one seemingly insurmountable one. Just remember you don't have to suffer problems on your own, the system is there to help. I'd like to think that the army could help in situations like this one if they had only known what was going on.

The saddest thing of all though is that the fines that caused so much anguish probably only started out to be a hundred quid or so before the money grabbers added their cut. I hope they have trouble getting sleep at night.

My condolences to his family and friends..... a needless waste of a life.
I knew a couple of blokes who did themselves in whilst I was in the mob. Both were younger lads. What makes this case even more sad is that this bloke was older and with children.

I feel the ‘divorced with 2 children’ speaks a lot for what has gone on here with the fines being the straw that broke the camels back, as it were.

Whether it was the fines or other reasons it is a great shame that he felt that he had no other recourse than suicide - perhaps it is a sad indictment not only of the intransigence of the fine collectors but of the Army welfare system as well. :(
I agree this is appalling money grabbing and my heart goes out to those he left behind.

This highlights to the youger members of the forces who are ARRSE members for heavans sake TELL SOMEONE if minor things like this start to escalate out of your control. The welfare services can and will help, but only if they know - they are good, but not mind readers.

The Army in my 14 years experience will do all it can to sort things out. I've written letters to bailiffs, companies etc on behalf of soldiers (under advisement from the experts) who are fining troops out of control and always managed to come to some agreement. This is part of being in the Chain of Command and is good Leadership and man management.
Dr Paul Knapman, the coroner, said he found it "astonishing" that such minor motoring fines should "escalate" to more than £1,000.
Not at all unusual for such fines if ignored following the numerous reminders to reach such amounts. Shows a lack of reality by the coroner.

And whilst not wishing to diminish this sad loss don't go on about money grabbing and venomous b'stards. Thats the system,- if you don'y pay you get chased. How else would you have it done?