Sad and sorry state of Britain


This makes me want to puke....

POPPY sellers are being forced off the streets in the run up to Remembrance Sunday because of fears of violent attacks and robberies.

Royal British Legion volunteers across Greater Manchester are only selling poppies inside shops where they can be protected by security guards.

The volunteers, who are mainly elderly ex-servicemen, are seen as easy targets by thugs when they sell on the streets, say Legion officials.


bring back conscription and build floating prisons to put all offenders in when they do wrong. the country is pathetic nowadays. can not beleive they do this to people that fought for our right to be british.

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Never mind conscription or imprisonment, the Forces dont need such dreck, and they'd only have a rest-cure in the nick. Come to think of it, we don't need them either, so let's just slot them! :idea:
....but let's do it imaginatively and save ourselves a few bob into the bargain. Never mind all those Fig 11 and Fig 12 targets that fail to fall and bleed copiously when hit. How about we put these stalwart individuals out on the various LIVEXs as targets?

GEMS award anyone?
Another abhorrent torrent of shameful vandalism has come to my attention.

Being a bit of an anomaly myself by having a father who served in the Second World War and being nearly 25 the state of Britiains youth / NED culture really has taken the biscuit.

No matter how mcuh Blunkett and McConnell rant on about Antisocial Behaviour Bills etc this mindless hurtful disregard for the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom today still goes on.

This may be due to inadequacies in the police but more I believe in the veritable armchair-esque apathetic attitude of most citizens.

What the hell is this once great country sliding into.

I am not amused.
Whilst I endorse MPS's suggestion in re LIVEX targets, another imaginative punishment could be in the form of a country pursuit.

Since Tony Bliar et al want to stop the hunting of foxes (because it gets townie votes), could not offenders be utilised instead? There is a pleasing similarity in the fox and the shaven-headed, earringed, tracksuited, trainer-trash in that both are vermin.
I must disagree with Tank Doctor:

bring back conscription and build floating prisons to put all offenders in when they do wrong. the country is pathetic nowadays. can not beleive they do this to people that fought for our right to be british.
The Armed Forces cannot cope with the minority of delinquents that it has in it now, the discipline is now so protracted that it becomes too unwieldy to be used for petty misdemeanours. So flooding it with the type of young men and women who openly disrespect the law, let alone their elders would burdon the already heavily burdoned Armed Forces.

Whilst I do not endorse bullying, the thought of a top centre or bottom from my Sergeant Major was enough to make me think twice in my day.
I think its absoloute B O L L O C K S!!! what sick minded individuals would do such a thing!!! id love to kick the shite out of the people who did this!

il see how many of the wasters in my area remember the ones who have fought and died for us on sunday when i have my rememberence parade. i bet hardly any will be there. scum!


"Forgive them, for they know not what they do"
Well that's what the do-gooders or their probation officers would say.
I say bollocks, they're malignant little cancers who'll grow into bigger ones; we should start treating them as such.
Half of me is happy that the old mans not here to see the people we've been growing. And as for the Cenotaph in Osset, some of those names will have old mates visiting on Sunday, how on Earth are they gonna feel!


Dogmonkey......My post wasn't intended to illicit a reply on the variety of methods of putting these scamps in close proximity of a gamma (cos that's the gear I want to show em) source. That would be reeely cruel, It was just my way of saying they need a good shoeing!....course it wont teach em a thing, but those dead mens names......they stick in my mind old chum.
We could slot them as half time entertainment in football grounds up and down the country (a full 90 minutes for spurs fans), then bill the family for the used round and sell their remaining intact organs to the NHS. Thus providing some extra collateral for the cash strapped H.M.Forces. :twisted:
Overlooking the fact that they are hardly-ever caught.

I'll have to throw my shoulder to the wheel on your other points though, they need respect instilled in them. Community service dosen't work so i'd gladly favour some more 'intensive' methods...probably similar to those so courteously listed above and perhaps i a few hours listed below too!

Step One) Get rid of Labour.

When modernity kicks society in the balls it's perfectly acceptable for society to step back in certain areas in order for us to kick the wrongdoers down surely?

Send them off to work in the mines! :twisted: That'll make it profitable again! ...if they refuse, hang them as an example.

You really wonder why we bother to defend them & their "rights"

Scum - they should be sent out to Iraq. Not as soldiers, as traverses and barriers.

Makes sense though. People focus far too much on the "Rights", people forget that with rights come certain responsibilities.

With human rights come human responsibilities. You have a responsibility to honour the dead, to obey laws, to treat others with respect and to respect the property of others..&c..
I personally feel that those who neglect their responsibilites as British Citizens subject to British law could be quite rightfully be stripped of one or two of their rights.

I'll gladly start with...

Freedom of speech=Why should a vandal/murderer/rapist be listened to?

Liberty= They evidently cannot cope with freedom, ergo, remove it.

Pursuit of Happiness= They took the happiness of others should they be free to continue at the expense of those who matter more?

...just a thought.