Sacrilege! Blue Peter Badges On Ebay!!!

The BBC is tackling the sale of large volumes of Blue Peter badges on internet auction site eBay.

The badges, awarded to young viewers who contribute to the programme, are touted as a way to gain free entry to museums and stately homes by vendors.
On Monday morning there were 18 Blue Peter badge auctions taking place on eBay, with prices ranging from 99p to £49.50
Edinburgh Zoo has said it is stopping free entry for children in the wake of the badges being sold on the internet.

A spokeswoman said they became suspicious of an increase in badge-holding visitors, including one family where every child had one.
BBC News

Absolute sacrilege that people would abuse such an icon ! 8O

(Maybe they just had a very speshul family??? :D )

P.S. £49.50 for a freekin Blue Peter Badge??? :roll:


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Surely. that's a "Spatial" family.......
but the badges mean nothing now. blue peter give them out left right and centre
Obviously being bought by peedo's to gain small childrens attention.

The buyers should be hunted down and flogged on the street, closley followed by asking his/her neighbours to tar and feather said offender before branding the word "nonce" on their forehead.
I,ve got one !!!!! Funnily enough I stumbled across it last week & wondered how much it,ll make on ebay. I would,nt sell it though that,ll be a bit like selling your medals !!! It,ll be passed down to my eldest who,ll probally bung it straight on ebay !!!!! DAMN !!! It was awarded in 1979 for collecting a HUGE amount of stamps for some charity (can,t remember who). There were a few of us from the same school who got one.

Regards LT.
£155!!!! And there are now five pages of them. It would be cheaper to pay to get into things!
Fallschirmjager said:
Sacrilege! Blue Peter Badges On Ebay!!!
I thought you were talking about the NATO and UN medals for a minute there!!! :D
Compare what the Blue Peter Badges are going for against the medal for the Battle of Jubilee here.

So, if the Blue Peter badge is worth more, can I take off my Jubilee medal and put on a nice BP badge??? :D
dan_man said:
Hmmm, I might try buying one then saying it was given to the SAS making the price go up at least another 100.
Sorry Dan, I'm confused, are we talking Jubilee or the special 'beige' Blue Peter Badge? 8O


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