Sacrificing friends for a Burgerking...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Squiggers, Jan 11, 2009.

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  1. Yes, it's my dream come true.

    I can finally get rid of annoying people on Facebook, not by merely removing them, but by sacrificing them.

    Best bit? If you "sacrifice" (Defriend via the application) 10 people, you get a free Burger King Whopper.

    Well, entertaining, particularly if you really can't stand someone. "I prefer burger king to you, stings quite a bit, i think."

    Even better way to dump someone.

    "Sorry love, i want a burger, it's much nicer than you are."

    Anyway, if you have Faceache, here's the link to the application.

    Happy hunting, lads and lasses. :twisted:
  2. Gah, what a bastard. I now have a reason to join.
  3. Brilliant, I'm having a civvy cull tommorow, do they send you the whopper through the post?
  4. No idea, probably give you a voucher to print out.

    It's what a lot of my mates are tempted to sign up for, and add randoms, then sacrifice them.

    I could easily get 5 or more burgers outta this. Easily. :twisted:
  5. WAH! too easy. :roll:
  6. What if you've got no friends? I don't think a certain Mr Golden will be eating like a King.
  7. Well, how likely is it that you're going to get one through the letterbox?

    It'd be cold, mank, and days old. :roll:

    It'll be some specific voucher.

  8. I had a cull this morning when I couldn't sleep, at least 20 former civvy aquaintainces were vaporised, think I can add them back explining that someone hacked my facebook?
  9. Eh, probably. But then cull them again for the sake of two burgers?

    I like it. :twisted:
  10. USA only it seems.
  11. ...

    I really need to read the smallprint. :roll:
  12. Now all your old school mates think you're a jack cnut and you didn't even get a burger.
  13. Eh, works for me.

    I don't give a shite, mainly as I don't even talk to half of them any more, so...

    Saying "I prefer a burger to you" works quite well, i think. :twisted:

    I'm still irritated that i dont get a frikkin' burger outta though.
  14. Burger through the post? Been done. On a summer school years ago, some French psychobrat sent his parents a BigMac by post to show them what the food was like. Did we laugh when we got the parental letter back? Unfortunately we were not permitted legally to do what they suggested...we did crack a few beers and have a cackle though!
  15. Oh well. I'll just have to amuse myself by telling them to 'cnut off' instead.