Sacrificial Lamb?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, Jan 21, 2004.

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    Guess he hasn't been forgiven for being forthright during Hutton.

    Defence chief grilled on kit fear

    Hang on in there Sir Kevin :)

    Maybe there are some Civil Servants in the MOD who DO give a damn?
  2. msr

    msr LE


    This is one of the (rare) occasions that I do have confidence in our MPs. When it comes to a select committee they cut to the quick. Now, if we could get the main chamber to work like this...

    "If I was a soldier being led by some of the hierarchy I see at this table, I would be bloody worried, to be quite honest." Gerry Steinberg
    Labour MP.

  3. Tory shadow defence minister Gerald Howarth said the reason ministers had not wanted to send the extra kit necessary was because they did not want to "send signals" to Labour MPs opposed to the conflict.

    So, it was political! I expect that makes it all okay then....
  4. Good morning Chaps,

    Well yes, (without sounding pretentious), it always has been Political - with the added objective of not getting caught. Unfortunately due to or perhaps in spite of the old Thames Shuffle (akin to the Potomac Two-step), they have been found out.

    I suppose the obvious question is now will or can anything be done to get rid (if that's infact the correct response), of the offending article. I would hasten to presume that one would not just want a damage limitation exercise - something too little too late - but infact hardcore retribution for some appalling acts of negligence, misleading and out-right murder.

    May the fight continue - keep it clean Harry, 'now what I mean?

  5. Good to see a CO standing up publicly about the lack of kit - same article as above half way down

    "Sir Kevin's appearance also came the day before Lieutenant Colonel James Cowan, the commanding officer of Scottish regiment, the Black Watch, told The Scotsman that men were left with a shortage of equipment due to the Government's unwillingness to commit to war until all possible alternatives had been explored."

    So kit deficiencies were one off were they?
  6. Covered yer arrse with both hands there Sir. You know that's bollox, and so do the rest of us, but you spoke out, as far as you dared, and we applaud you for that. The Government was unwilling to committ, Jack o' Straw may even have believed there was a UN alternative, but sure as eggs, Blair had committed to 43 a long time before the off. The only question was, at what level was our involvement going to be set?

    The whole UN and political finegalling , was only there to prevent his backbenchers defeating it in Parliament, and the British people from demanding Bluppets head on a spike.

    It does beggar one question. Why did Sir Mike say we were good to go, if , as it now appears ,we weren't? Was it because he meant

    1. We were trained and ready to fight?
    2, There was pressure exerted below him, to say we were?
    3. It was just resignation, and he knew we were going anyway

    I just can't see POD doing it , to appease the politicos.
  7. At last a relatively senior officer willing to speak the truth ,even if he did have to phrase it in a round about fashion in a (probably futile) attempt to avoid the deep doo doo.

    Shame to many of our top Generals and their RAF and Navy counterparts don't have the same moral courage.