Sacrifice Honoured

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by billy.winky, Oct 27, 2008.

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  1. The first thing that springs to mind is why not post it on pprune or e-goat?
  2. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    Or the aviation forum...............
  3. Ok. I've *ed up again. Apologies.
  4. I'm sure if you ask nicely a MOD will move it for you.
  5. Feck me, 81 posts and each one a load of toss.
  6. I thought exactly the same thing. Lets see if we can get this thread relocated to The Hole with his others.
  7. i dON'T UNDERSTAND. I really don't. This site is so weird and somewhat unwelcoming when it comes to new guys (SERVING). I'm not a mong as you'd know if you knew me so instead of pumping me full of abuse, why not take this chance to give me some pointers so that I don't post what you consider gash???

    By the way - the people on the retro games thread don't seem to think i'm a w*nker!!!!!11!
  8. Why wouldn't they, here however.................
  9. Billy, this is the Naafi and we all have to receive at some point. If it's too much nobody's going to think anything less of you for not posting.
  10. OK - misjudged again it seems.
  11. It's because they're a bunch of snobs... Mostly "has beens" that have stacked a blanket or two, stirred some unidentifiable meat product, spanked a donkey or maybe, if they were "nails" paraded with a weapon outside Betty's pad and now their only way to give themselves the rush of taking, (Read: Stealing), Betty's shilling is to gang up on and ambush upstanding young lads like yourself...

    Should have done yourself a favour and joined the RAF Regiment... No Stackers, Slop Jockeys or women there mate... All fighting men... and the tarts love it... 8)
  12. A quick bit of advice. Posting a one liner.....followed by a link, then saying something like "any thoughts" is a bone thread.

    Post a link, comment on it, come up with some of your own theories perhaps, and see what people say.

    If I posted something like:

    "are gay people freaks......discuss" it would probably be binned (unless in the NAAFI)

    Edited to add: This is ARRSE.....not a RAF website
  13. Snobby cunt...
  14. This thread is a bit soft to be an ambush on billy................. oh........... your RAF Regt........... hardcore fighting stuff then. Good call.

    You must fit right in over there, a knob surrounded by knobs.