Sacred green cows spared

Steady it's not called the Torygraph for nothing.
Anti-EU par for the course
Can't fault it.

In a few years time wind turbines will be as efficient as internal combustion engines and, of course, the R&D plouged in the latter will hav been equalised.


the problem is at the moment we are being taxed to pay for this technology most of which ends up as payments to land owners and not in R&D for the technology. The blade maker on the IOW had to shut up shop as they claimed the incentive schemes were counter productive
Onshore wind energy is a fiscal black hole & energy dead end.
Estuarine barrages have far greater potential but the greenies whine & scream because a different part of the ecosystem will change - conveniently ignoring THEIR claims that sea levels will rise to permanently cover their beloved mudflats unless we revert to the Orson Cartt.

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