Sacre Blue! Tommy, Jack et Percy!

Discussion in 'Strategic Defence & Spending Review (SDSR)' started by sunoficarus, Nov 1, 2010.

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  1. It makes a lot of sense when both countries are striving to save money.

    I hope there is lots of training in the Côte d'Azur for our troops and very nice lunch packs too.
  2. Henry V is revolving in his grave so fast they are going to use him as a power source.
  3. Yes, agreed, as I’ve mentioned on previous threads an Army that has free beer and wine on tap in the cookhouse can’t be all that bad. ^_~

    The packed lunces are far more cosmopolitan than ours, french stick, small bottle of wine and some cheese and pate with some olives.

    Certainly better than a half frozen Wrights sausage roll, Panda cola, a Kit Kat and Cheap flavourless crisps.
  4. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    Yeah, but you know we will bring PAYD to the table with that one. Any chance to **** it all up and HMG will be all over it. Plus, the French don't turn up to Wars. They use their former Colonial (+ everyone else who wants a piece) Legion to do the things that require hands getting dirty.
  5. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    It's a fait accompli in terms of the EU plan for enlargement and further integration. It will be used as a model for EU force integration later on when we DO lose sovereignty.
  6. The Jerries will be watching to see if it works then they'll want in next. Mind you, I'd have preferred to have teamed up with them first if this was the plan all along. Their cookhouse is shit though. Now, the Italians have good scoff, so they'll probably strike if they get paired up with the Erics once all of this is off the ground. There's no hiding it now though, it's going to happen. They'll make it happen. We'll probably have the Euro by then as well.

    Be interesting to see what language will be given priority. English may be universal, but the Frogs are determined as far as the lingo is concerned.
  7. You say that like its a bad thing? Seems like a splendid policy to me and worked very well for us in days of Empire. of course we've rather stuffed it up by giving the Gurkha's rights of citizenship and so on....otherwise I'd of recomended another 2 or 3 regiments of them which we could hire out to Uncle Sam for whatever bun fight they want to hold next time. One has to admire the French sense of 'Yes its not Pc, we hire in foreigners so French people dont get killed. We dont care.'
  8. Roger that BigUn, Frog scoff be the best. Not sure about the free beer though, 1664 is subsidised but the wine is free, the Legion bottles its own, almost as lethal as some of their old colonial paras on a good day. As for johnboyzzz Côte d'Azur comment the French do maintain some excellent training areas in Southern France, perhaps in the future there will be battalion/brigade level exchanges of training areas, Salisbury Plain for Larzac, Yorkshire Moors for the Pyrenees?
  9. This gets my vote. It will be interesting - we seem to prefer to have allies, but the French have a tendency to stand alone (thinking of the Foreign Legion, the downfall of Napoleon, and the Revolution in 1789 as 3 quick examples).

    Should we be planning a bit further ahead here? Maybe get Prince William married off to a member of the French royal family just in case - oh wait a minute, the French have two royal families don't they, Orleon and Bourbon? This could be tricky. Let's have a quick look at Napoleon's descendents, just as well we didn't slaughter the family in 1815.
  10. msr

    msr LE

    Not if Prince Harry steps up to the mark :)
  11. Went to La Courtine, cookhouse was great (not too sure about the overcooked and mushy sprouts) Facilities were fine apart from the shower-stall crappers (due to the sprouts no doubt) :rmp:
  12. The Brits and the Frogs paired up for training. The Eye-ties and Herman the German hooked up to dominate the heart of Europe. Hmmm. Now where have I heard of that before? :?

  13. I did exercises with the FFL in the '60s and I don't remember the food being any better than ours. As for froggy wine, most of it is so acidic I wouldn't put it on my fish & chips with the salt let alone drink it!
  14. I am sure there are many of the Old 'n' Bold who will remember when Larzac was indeed used as a Brit training area. In the early 90s the Booties had a joint ex. with the French and Spanish: beach landing at Argeles (down near the Spanish border), then moving inland to endex not far from Carcassonne. IIRC it was Gen Roquejoffre (he of GW1 fame!) who commanded Blue forces.
    There were some interesting comments from the Booties ref beach landings with Mirages screaming overhead and Spanish speakers all around!

    And, of course, there was Live Oak.