Sacked vegan claims discrimination in landmark case

Looks more like the precursor to a sandwich to me...

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We stayed on a farm for a holiday - there were three pigs in the field and the various kids in the cottages went to feed them [ours were old enough to know what was to become of them*]. One of the little kids asked what their names were and the farmer dropped me a wink and said 'Bacon, Ham and Wiltshire cure'.

*one of ours has since gone vegetarian, but she thinks vegans are w@nkers, thought to be fair she's got red hair, my level of patience and a serious attitude, so she thinks the majority of the human race are w@nkers.
I know someone that used to work for the League, she made a suggestion about their fundraising and they made her life a misery, until she left.
It seems that being unpleasant to the staff is their "cruel sport".
I have also met a fat happy vegan, my god the eggless cake that girl could shift!
There is a great two page feature in the Christmas edition of Viz on how to accommodate a vegan for dinner. The part I liked best was the advice to invite along a vegetarian, as the vegan will save his worst venom for a half-hearted, cowardly, plastic, pretend, kiddy-on animal lover.
For those of you with vegans/veggies in the family, get one of these for Christmas:

MADDOX-STORE | For every animal you dont eat Im going to eat three - Mens T-Shirt
I should have worn one to my boys birthday meal.
His girlfriend's family came along to meet us all and now want nothing to do with us as we ate meat at the same table as them in a restaurant.
The very nerve of it.

They think we were being very disrespectful not considering their eating habits when out for meal. How dare WE order what WE would like to eat.

It was a delicious plate of calves liver though.


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Three minutes in direct sunlight would do for the creepy nightwalking exhibit.
If that's British sun then it could be done in about 1.3 milliseconds down here.


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No you don't. You know a few smokers who call themselves vegans. So do I for that matter.
Fcukoff, I used to split a vegan who smoked.
But she never touched any sort of tobacco.


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Fruit? Sure... Why not...?

How did you manage to get them in focus ?Being as from that angle there's no way you can check the viewfinder.


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How do Vegans deal with oral sex?
The one in #077 had a favourite quote, "I don't eat meat, I only suck it."

However, what I think you're getting at is do they take on animal protein deposits at the completion of oral, ja ?
In this particular case the answer is a resounding yes, including S&R of any spillage.

Call me old-fashioned, but for some reason or other I never saw fit to take her to task on this apparent disregard of her own beliefs.
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