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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by polar, May 1, 2008.

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  1. Who was sacked? Did they transfer or leave.

    As Mortar Platoon changing infantry platoon, we lost our older SNCO's and those without Senior Brecon (me). Our milan troop did similar. In our neighbouring Bns it was HQ Coy's that were sacked

    Most seem to have moved to Engrs and Sigs, with many older soldiers leaving. My Sigs unit rx'd many from HQ Coys and many still soldier on.

    Did the same happen in London or could soldiers change coy as the extra distance didn't matter (not a dig just curious)

    And Paras?? Did most of the disbanded para's transfer or leave
  2. Sacked? But SDR resulted in an increase in the size of the unit....

    Oh, sorry - my lot were one of the few that benefited from SDR, but then again, we're speshul! :)
  3. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Some stayed.

    Some left.

    Some stayed for a short while, but then left.

    Some stayed for a bit longer, but left eventually.

    Some left, but came back after a short while.

    Some left, but came back eventually.

    Of those who left, some joined other units, and some didn't.

    Any help? Polar, are you on a sponsored navel gaze on Arrse this month?
  4. Just trying to take me mind off - Leeds Arbitration. Results in 2.5 hours not that I'm clock watching
  5. Polar

    RMP went from 1800 posts to just over 300 in 1999. 90% of CVHQ along with two independent Companies and Detachment locations. The remaining four companies reduced numbers by a third to around 77 posts per coy. with CVHQ retaining a small ARRC HQ Element and an SIB det.
    I would say the vast majority of blokes left, a few moved to Int or Sigs but only in very small numbers.
  6. Didn't quite a lot move to the newly-formed Civil Affairs Group? At the time it seemed almost a ploy to encourage recruitment.
  7. About 20 or so, I seem to recall, wouldn't know how long they lasted though.
  8. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    SDR did away with 5 RGJ (V) and from the original companies in Oxford, Aylesbury & Bletchley, Milton Keynes and High Wycombe only two survived to be a RGJ badged Coys in the Royal Rifle Volunteers.

    Aylesbury pretty much converted en masse to a brand new Signal Squadron and High Wycombe became an AT Pln as a sub-unit to Oxford, but also shared the location with a new Signals unit. Some traveled, some rebadged.
  9. In 1999 The Infantry moved out and the Medics moved in!

    All members of 3RWF Recce Platoon and Int Section at Aberystwyth got transferred (the ones that didn't leave) to 7 Troop B Sqn 203 (Welsh) Field Hospital. They went from 30+ soldiers on the books to about a dozen.

    The ones that stayed rebadged as either RAMC, RLC or AGC
  10. harsh
  11. we were sold down the river, the Scots Yeomanry formed as a result of SDR with units coming from all over the convert to yeomanry, 5 years later......3 of the 5 Sqns survived to become Sqns in the 'new'QOY, well they lost sqns and gained 3 new ones, and in the process lost all their unit identity becoming QOY, despite the mustnt rant!

    bitter? me?