Sacked RAF liable to call up for 18 years!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by vvaannmmaann, Apr 9, 2012.

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  1. Surely the answer is as it always has been; none!!
    It's hard enough getting them out on phys when they are serving let alone after redundancy.
    Seriously though they do have a point, if they are made redundant then there is no need for them a Defence planning assumptions hod take in to account contingencies. Damn it there I go again DEFENCE PLANNING, ha ha plus we all know what assume does!!
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  2. If they do get called up will they have to hand a portion of their redundancy pay back?
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  3. Fkin slackers, when I got made redundant in '94, I was reminded that I still had time to serve with the colours on the reserve, them's the breaks.
  4. No, they don't.

    It's a bit like the Police, laying off all those coppers, then asking them if they'd like to join th eSpecials!

    TBH could anyone see these guys being remobilised? Maybe in the first year or so if the sh1t hit the fan, but past about 5 it would be pointless calling htem back.
  5. It would be pointless in the first year as well
  6. I think the fitness question is actually fair enough - as serving military (kind of) they knew what standards they were supposed to be at (and if they being made redundant and not PAP10ed I assume they probably met those standards).

    Now they're being booted out with the potential for being called back, will the RAF expect them to turn up at wherever RAF reserves go to still able to meet those standards and current on their trade? Does the Army expect the same when Regular Reserves are called up?

    Whinging about having a reserve liability are stupid, we all signed up for 22 years (30 for the RAF) and we all know that if we get out before that then we've got the chance that we could be called back again. Complaints that the RAF have told them nothing about the reserve call up procedure and standards expected when it happens (if it does) seem fair enough.
  7. JBM, i think the drama is because they are not leaving of their own volition, and continueing service. They are being told that they are being made redundant, no longer needed, but just in case keep your boots bulled.

    We all know the craic.
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  8. From the same story

    Some airmen believe they could be back in uniform within a few months of being kicked out if there is national emergency following a serious event at the Olympics.

    so they will be at peak fitness levels during the olympic games.
  9. That doesn't mean that they'll be giving Usain Bolt a run for his money!
  10. Fixed that for you. No charge.:twisted:
  11. Nothing that a few spliffs/lines of coke can't sort out.
  13. So where does the RAF stand if they sack someone who volunteers for Greggs Selection, passes, and weighs in at a svelte 25 stone when called back?

    What will they do? Six months remedial training? Sack them, again?