Sacked from unit for outing a Walt'ish TA soldier

Last year I had a young lady join my unit as a CMT. She proved problematic almost from the start and after a series of small events and issues I made the serious mistake of making some adverse comments about her to another SNCO in front of some juniors. She complained and I had to write a letter of apology.

The young lady stayed with our unit but went off to study as a paramedic so ceased regular training and I thought it unlikely she would return when qualified.

In November I visited the RAuxAF Aeromedical evacuation unit where I met an officer who is also training to be a Paramedic. She asked me if I knew a TA CMT from my area who was training with her. She went on to explain that the girl in question had made some very exaggerated claimes to the other students about what she had done and would be doing with the TA.

Firstly she said she had been accepted by the RAuxAF Medical Evacuation Sqn and would be "Flying MERT Missions in Afghanistan on Apache Helecopters". It just so happened that she made this claim in front of the officer who is responsible for recruiting into this unit and her claim was untrue.

She then, apparently, made several claims to the other students including this RAF officer about having served in Afghanistan or that she would soon be serving in Afghanistan. This was unclear from what the RAF officer told me.

Apparently on Nov 11th there was a service at the University, the girl in question started to ball her eyes out and when asked why she was so upset by the other students apparently, from the information given to me by the RAF officer, claimed it was due to her "experiences with the military".

She also, according to the RAF officer, greatly exaggerated her CMT3 status to the other students and staff.

I explained to the officer that the girl in question had been in the TA for a little over a year. That she had only recently qualified as CMT3 and it woud be some considerable time before she could be deployed. I confirmed that she had never deployed in any capacity with the TA. Being the recruiting officer for the unit she already knew that the girl in question would not be eligable for a post with the RAuxAF Aeromedical Sqn and didn't need to be told by me she had been lying about having already been accepted.

I told the oficer about the complaint she had made against me for bullying and told her of some of the problems I had experienced with her. I also agreed that she was prone to exaggeration having myself witnessed her shouting the odds about her level of fitness and cliaming to have been a highly paid personal fitness trainer who in her words was "like a machine" this only shortly after failing her CFT at Pirbright.

I decided not to inform my heirachy, what would be the point? My OC and PSWO seem to have a soft spot for her and after being accused of bullying her last year it would only seem like sour grapes. I did ask one of her friends to speak to her and ask her to "moderate" the things she said to people.

From what I gather there was some kind of confrontation at the university between the RAF officer and the young CMT during which my name came up. She complained so that was that. The OC gave me the cold shoulder at the Christmas function and then last month sacked me from my unit giving me until the end of Feb to find another unit. I made a few enquiries with other units but nothing is happening since damaged hearing and a damaged leg have given me a P7 grading which is unlikely to change and most importenatly my heart isn't in it.

So I will be parting ways with the TA next month. Surprisingly I no longer care (that much) after nearly 30 years service it would have been nice to leave with a handshake and a smile but it isn't that big deal. What does concern me though is that there is at least one TA soldier who is unable to tell fact from fiction and if she ever goes on tour, which I hope she doesn't, makes her a liability to better soldiers in the same unit most of whom are excellent.

We need pictures.
you should have just chinned her.

If thats how your soon to be former Oc treats blokes then you should chin him too.

'I decided not to inform my heirachy, what would be the point my OC and PSWO seem to have a soft spot for her' Thats the issue here. Maybe the 'soft spot' was infact a hard spot.

Better off out of my friend. When the head shed starts to take sides with gobby shites and over long serving seniors then the rot has well and truly set in.
Have you tried actually talking to your OC about it, and explained your side of the story? This young CMT's reaction seems very much like the reaction of many of the Walts on here - Outrage, redirecting the blame at other people and threatening action - Only in this case it seems to have worked. Front him up and demand to be heard out - All action that results in assignment or termination of service should be done through the proper procedures and you have a right to demand that. Besides, if confronted wiith the evidence, in front of the Coc this young lady may very well fold, as so often happens with the Walts on here. If you really are happy to leave then why are you posting it on here.....
I think the OP is past caring. If your OC's reaction was similar, could you be bothered to fight it?


This is what happens when you give equal rights to women who aren't prepared to do the right thing when told "You wanna be in this man's army? you better suck my co..."
Cardinal you should take this further, its not just about you (sorry about that) If she is going around telling people she is some sort of uber cmt then one day it may be someones life.
Depends - sometimes a stand needs to be taken for the greater good - whether I would bother in this case is something I don't without knowing a lot more of the 'story'.
As other posters have said it sounds as though your OC is making it up as he/she goes along. I would push it up hill as far as you can, if you have had enough anyway what does it matter?

Once you start doing that "they" will want to make it go away. Are their any courses that you want to do?

In my experience gobby female juniors with "issues" are an area of management that the TA handles very badly. Mind you as the OP has said better it happens here than in theatre.


OCs can't wait to sack seniors based on tittle tattle from junior ranks who are no longer even training with their unit.

I call bullshit, or the straw that broke the camel's back and he was glad for any excuse to see the back of you.
If you don't care then just name the unit.

Sacking you for that won't wash, however telling you to find another job might be because after 30 years they may need you to move on to allow someone else to get promoted?
I think the OP is past caring. If your OC's reaction was similar, could you be bothered to fight it?
Oh fuckin yes! I would make it my mission to bring the OC and his whole edifice down if he treated me like this! The days of this sort of behaviour have long since passed.
Two sides to every story - always. And you can't be 'sacked' from a unit. OP may not give a shit but that does a massive disservice to everyone else.
This sounds veyr much like a CMT chick that arrived in my unit once... you would have thought she did hill's phase with Mcnab himself they way she bleated completed shit.
Sounds familiar. Had a female 2IC who resented the fact she didn't actually hold the rank that was normally on her chest (CSM, Cpl, Sgt, 2Lt). Gave a bad name for women in the army and female J/SNCO's tended to be more help in sorting the issues out.
OC didn't want anyone else to know about issues with his train set.

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