sacked for serving in the TA

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by ben19850, Oct 11, 2012.

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  1. i recently returned to work for a company under a store mangers request and also he agreed time off for the TA would not be a problem i then Emailed HR and confirmed with the regional manger that im in the TA i will return if time off is acceptable this was agreed and i was reinstated.
    now my area manger has removed me from all my shifts/sacked me because i will need time off his words were
    1st"its to much of a headache for me to sort out"(even tho its 2 days a month with dates in advance for tho next 6 months)
    2"its not up to the regional manger or the store manager its up to me you cant meet the requirements for the shifts because of TA"(even tho HR accepted me back into the company.)

    i could really do with some advice on i have a legal grounds for unfair dismissal?
  2. security officer
  3. Get in touch with SABRE.
  4. as a retail security guard,
    started in October 2010
    we are guaranteed 4 hours week minimum(but i did confirm the shift that i have been removed from)
    the company is a external contract provider for a large supermarket chain

    erm?? this manger has always been a excuse me for say this but a complete c**t i would like to see his fire pi**ed on mainly due the way ive seen abuse other guards in the past.but i would just like the job i i left another job to comeback to this company.
  5. I'd not waste any energy on something only giving four hours work. Get something else.
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  6. that is minimum contracted hours

    i usually did 5/6 days
    40/48 hours a week
  7. Yup so 4 hours contract, go elsewhere.
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  8. There's obviously a personality conflict so regardless of the legalities, attempting to redress the situation on your own is unlikely to resolve things to your satisfaction. As OM said, SABRE. They'll know the ins and outs of the law, they'll be able to word your case better than you can (sorry, but it's true) and they'll be the ones in the direct firing line.

    If you end up being reinstated, you'll still be faced with the Area Manager (and unless he has dropped a bollock in the eyes of his bosses, he won't be getting the elbow), so it's best that you keep friction between you and him to a minimum.
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  9. Not sure if SABRE are that good.

    Try the Citizens Advice bureau, its free. Or the the Union.
  10. Do you have anything from HR in writing, stating that the TA isn't an issue?
  11. Go to the Sun.
    A headline like 'Security firm for [insert big name supermarket] fires hero for wanting to serve country' would cause a bit of shit to start rolling.
    You probably won't get your job back but at least you'll have that manager to chat with in the dole queue.

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  12. Is it the area manager for the store group who has the problem with you or the security company you work for. If its a security company whos hr signed off on you coming back and their area manager has then backed up on the offer you should have a case.
    But if you work for a security company and its the customer (stores area manager) doesn't want you there, you have a problem as they don't have to give a reason to exclude you from the store.
  13. hes the manger of my company.the store manger asked me and helped confirm/set in place my return
  14. not really just verbel but i do have emails about me returning the TA is metioned and dates i would need off.
  15. Good Luck. I lost my job because they got wind I was being mobilised. They ticked all the pointless HR boxes so there was Feck all I could do. No real loss as the biggest **** in Christendom worked there and my Manager was a Box Ticking Drone but I had to change career and industry off the back of it. In reality there was feck all I, Sabre or even HM the Queen could do. But if you can leg them over in the media then go for it.