Sacked for Failing Fitness Standards

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by loopintheP, Mar 23, 2013.

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  1. Colonel relieved of command for failing PT - Military News | News From Afghanistan, Iraq And Around The World - Military Times

    I recently heard about a Brit officer appointed to a Staff job in an operational US HQ but due to the fact that he was rotund and unfit (ie "fat bastard") the US Army rejected his appointment. The linked article indicates that US Forces do appear to take physical fitness standards rather more seriously than we do.

    Given its a core requirement of being in the military there are significant numbers out there that need a bit more "stick" and a bit less "carrot..cake".

    I've never quite understood why we have a "tick" box on the OJAR/SJAR regarding fitness without actually providing objective data eg the PFT result. Our fitness assessments are abritarily applied and frankly tests can be bypassed with ease: particularly when away from RD. Using the AR mechanism seems straightforward to me?!
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  2. Worked in Air Mobility Command according to the article.
  3. From the article:

    Bush told airmen at a commander’s call that he failed the waist measurement component of the PT test, said an Air Force official who is not authorized to speak publicly on the matter. Bush has requested to retire, the official said.

    If he has only failed the waist measurement component and passed the rest then that seems a bit odd.

    I've know some rather more than rotund old mofos* that can still put in a 9:30 BFT putting some of the younger and skinnier bodz to shame.

    * Not me - I'm a rotund old nearly dead **** that has a ambulance on standby if I have to walk past the gym.
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  4. was he any good as a commander? Personally I'd rather have a porky top-notch boss than a gym queen who's ****ing useless on ops
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  5. From experience I would offer some advice. The theory ? If you can get your head, shoulders and chest through a gap you can get your whole body through.

    At the geriatric end my military dabblings I was about 56 inch chest. But lessons learned include that the measurement that counts is the one around the arse and ether musketry order outer circumference. A superman dive through a window on FIBUA training loses its entertainment appeal when the inevitable forces of window frame side wedgie halt your progress to stationary mid way

    When there is ample guiness storage around the umbilicus then you get the ammo pouches out to side as lone ranger as poss otherwise yer arse is five foot in the air when you belly crawl. Or belly seesaw as we had to call it.

    Well to the swimming assault course. I use a Shorttism there. A swimming pool with some floating stuff to negotiate.

    I won the race against the leaner younger opposition.

    But there was a nasty incident half way. The floating inflated lorry tyre inner tube. I reared out of the water and duckdived through it. But at the point my abdomen centre of gravity must have just got below the inner tube plimsoll line, I wedged. Inverted vertical and drowning. I adjusted the concertined such excess rolls of humanity that had gathered my side of the inner tube. This, by a principle of hydroscopic loading, caused some of the wedged fat to redistribute in my favour. And I slipped through the inner tube. Furious and laden with adrenaline I stormed away and won the race. Then swam back to retrieve my trunks.

    But the military aikido bit ? Me and my rotund mate flattened the lot with our roller pin techniques.

    Many a true word .................
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  6. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    It has been a long day, hasn't it?
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  7. A few years ago, I knew a fat PTI. Looked like a bag of shit, but was seriously fit. Seems daft to make a waist measurement part of a fitness test.
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  8. I've failed a fitness test (it was a PFT) once. I had to fail it to go for a PULHEEMS and be Medically Downgraded. Funnily enough, once I got better, I passed all of my fitness tests again.
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  9. I Googled the USAF fitness stuff about waist sizes but didn't get past the reminder that the tape should be passed under the rolls of fat in order to obtain a correct measurement.

    All a bit too American for my delicate taste so I banged out at that point but I don't think there are going to be too many Olympic athletes among the failures.
  10. I spoke to a couple of Yank mates and they tell me that you can pass all the phys tests top of the class but still get the boot for being over on the 'tape test'. Which is what it suggests, a tape measure passed around the waist, like the BMI test
  11. You're still a ****!

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  12. Tape Test is Bull...


  13. U.S Ration Pack