Sacked for dressing like this

Well I think she should be rewarded. good fashion drills and nice chebs too...
Liz Hurleys career was started by a frock like that.

Good move by this lass
if she was cold you could always practice your braille!


Book Reviewer
Bl00dy hell.

I hope she does brail. I'd love to read her book.
what if fails to highlight is that she has been dobbed in it and rollocked by a hippacrockadillapig!
Nice norks!
I've my doubts about this after all Thailand + "actress" sure it's not a bloke ?

The blind won't fully appreciate her. I would - but I think a CES check might be in order first - just to make sure.
Biscuits_AB said:
What a scrubber. I've seen better behind the counter in the Sennelager NAAFI MAX.
B-AB, sounds like you are the one who's blind.... sure you're not trying to get read to? :cyclopsani:
Lovely body,but something strange with that face,looks a bit high maintenance for me
Slightly large hands too - and is that a faint scar where a blokes adam's apple usually is?

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