Sacked Beefeater wins appeal

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by top_soldier, Oct 31, 2010.

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  1. A Beefeater at the Tower of London who was sacked for allegedly harassing the first female Yeoman Warder has been offered an apology and a financial payout.

    Mark Sanders-Crook was dismissed last November after an investigation into allegations of bullying against Moira Cameron, who said he swore frequently in her company, avoided her presence and acted as the "ringleader" behind her unfair treatment.

    Historic Royal Palaces reached a settlement with Mr Sanders-Crook after he launched employment tribunal proceedings. A spokeswoman said: "Since the dismissal of Mr Sanders-Crook and the subsequent internal appeal, Historic Royal Palaces has reviewed this matter and has concluded that dismissal was not justified."

    The figure awarded to Mr Sanders-Crook is thought to be in the region of £50,000.

    Firstly will he be reinstated...

    Secondly... will the whining splitarrse get disciplined for her unjustified complaint which in itself could be construed as harrasment?
  2. They have reached a settlement I imagine that is it. Done with and finished now.
  3. Or soon to be headlines "First female head beefeater".
    Or she's vegetarian thus demands title be changed to "Lettuce Eater."
  4. Very sad affair.
  5. Bearded clam eater?
  6. Walls have ears!
  7. she sounds like a complete bitch
  8. Ice cream and sausages too...
  9. How long have you been saving that one, made I larf.
  10. Firstly I would be amazed if he is. If this had gone to a tribunal it has no power to enforce reinstatement and I would imagine that bridges have been well and truly burnt now.

    Secondly, why should she be? It isn't clear from this why they felt the dismissal was unjustified. It may well be for a procedural error ie no written warning or proper disciplinary process or some other similar reason. It hasn't been said by HRP that the incidents never happened and the complaint hasn't been described as unjustified, just the sanction applied.

    It's hardly the female warder's problem if the person who carried out the investigation and the people who heard the disciplinary didn't do it properly, however much you may dislike her.

    The company I now work for has lost very few ETs but those it has were because process wasn't followed correctly rather than the fact that the incidents didn't happen.
  11. Are they now Yeoperson of the Guard with a vegetarian section?
  12. That's my reading, too.
    I doubt that re-instatement was ever an option. The tribunal could order it but as you rightly say, cannot enforce it. They can up the award but even if they do, maximum awards (around £60,000 at the moment) are very rare. It's almost certain that Mark would have received considerably more by settling out of court. Neither party would have gained much by letting the tribunal take its course.

    The people who would have sanctioned the dismissals weren't amateurs, employment lawyers would certainly have been involved.

    The couple of cases that I have been directly involved with as a manager, the by-passing of procedures wasn't done unknowingly and I suspect it was the same in your organisation.

    The organisation wants rid of someone because they truly believe they are guilty of misconduct. It's not always an exact science to know what misconduct justifies instant dismissal to a third party.

    Providing it's not sexual or racial discrimination, what they do is dismiss, reject the internal appeal, and know that it's going to cost them about £50,000 plus lawyers fees plus an apology for cocking it up, safe in the knowledge that they aren't going to have to take the person back.

    Much cheaper usually and less risky than unfair redundancy and they've got rid of the person they wanted to get rid of.

    It may not seem fair but that's often the way it works in the City and now quite likely, over the boundary in Tower Hamlets, too.

    There's nothing in the spokesperson's carefully worded statement that says the claims were without foundation.
  13. Made my first visit to the 'Tower' a couple of weeks ago now and had the privilege of watching a couple of the Beefeaters in full swing. You know you've had it when a Beefeater is younger than you and is sporting a ribbon rack that wouldn't look out of place on the Kenny Everett 'US General' characters chest.

    'Beefy' ... " I'm always asked the same questions, like, where are the toilets? and what does EiiR mean on my chest? I'll tell you where the bogs are in a minute but the 'EiiR' means Extremely Romantic and the '2' in between ER means I have been just that... twice."

    Bit annoyed the RRF Museum was shut on the day we went though.
  14. It is a classic and therefore timeless! Rather like "my dog's got no nose..How does he smell?...Awful!" which I made my seven year old daughter tell people last night as part of her trick or treat walkabout. Or as I prefer to think of it, my deception burglary spree.

    Don't be, it is frankly disappointing even if you get in to it. It is very small and not well laid out at all. It has one or two interesting exhibits but compared to some regimental museums, like the DERR/RBGW one in Salisbury or the Staffords, "could do better" springs to mind. I bet they have some good stuff tucked away but...

    If you are keen to visit any regimental museum and want to check opening times etc. go to British army museums and records at Army Museums Ogilby Trust and then use their museum search to find out what's on offer.