Sack the Defence Secretary

I have just posted a petition on the downing street website after reading the comments from Mr Browne in the national press.
How can the military have faith in a man that believes soldiers are second class citizens. He states that British Soldiers are payed what they are because they would'nt get a job in Civi street of the same pay standard!!!
Please sign the petition.
Why should you have any faith in a person that obviously does not value you.
Link to follow after No10 approval

Here is the article
Couple of points to add. Firstly, thousands of service people are leaving ahead of time every year to get better employment terms and conditions in civvy street. There is not a recruitment problem just now but there is a terrible retention problem, which suggests service people are very employable commodities.

Secondly, aside for the mischief of the petition there really is no need to ask for the head of the provincial solicitor from Scotland. I am led to believe that he hates his job and will be moved on very soon.

The sooner the better.

Only problem, we get to keep the over-promoted shop steward for longer.
When you go through the ressetlement process people always tell to not undersell yourself. I like most others probably thought that this was just some spin to make you feel better.

Now that I am on the outside I have fast realised that many employers are just crying out for your hard earned managment experience. You/we have a cutting edge decision making process that is far more advanced than that of the civilain counterpart, plus you are highly trustworthy and dependable.

The hardest thing is learning how to transfer it to civi speak.
...and the sub-text of this is: "you should be grateful that we provide you with the opportunity to get shot at, as a formative experience, so that you will be marginally capable of getting a job as a traffic warden when you leave. Clearly, you were only employable as a skip-licker before you joined up."

Pity the old boys in the Legion didn't slow-clap the cnut off-stage, like the WI did to Bliar.

Tony7025: we never had any faith in this man. He clearly despises us, and the feeling's mutual.
Who would replace him? You might not have noticed but Team GB (as in Gordon Brown...) is rather short of talent at the moment!


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