sack TA soldiers who wont or can not be sent on ops

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Hornetthorn50, Mar 22, 2008.

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  1. lets not stop there if this is to save money by getting rid of troops who can not go to war then lets also get rid of all the P7's and other hangers on in the regular army !!!
    lets go on futher..... NRPS posts get rid of them too !! make them a posting. lets say the last 2 years before demob, post qualified persons to a TAC near to were they want to settle when they leave the service.
    that will give them 24 months to sort their lives out. and not 5 years to reduce their golf handicap !!!
  2. You appear to have posted 4% of a thread.
  3. Sack Arrsers who cannot or will not articulate themselves, more like.
  4. Yeh Yeh, i agree. All those that have been maimed or injured whilst on Ops and consequently downgraded should be booted out onto the civilian scrap heap. Because their sacrifice, loyalty and experience they hold mean fuck all to the Army. :roll:

    Also if we get rid of this unfit mob it will raise the morale of others and encourage them not to get hurt on Ops. :roll:

    I've got 5 years left. Better get some golf clubs then if thats what you're meant to do.

    Dear MONG you really don't know much about the Army do you. And you really don't know much about ARRSE if you think your not going to get much abuse for starting this thread.
  5. WELL DONE ALL!!!! that was the response i HOPED for !!!
    did you all write to the editor of the respective news papers and vent your anger there to!!
  6. you have an ATO badge.... are you saying you dont already have golf clubs ?????
  7. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Some people did write to the press - including (and you can see this if you look at the ARRSE threads) the authors of the report allegedly quoted in the Sunday Times.

    The STimes have since apologised for printing crap.

    The story is therefore pretty much dead, and was sorted out long ago.
  8. Thats a fucking AT badge; I work for a living. 8O

    This is a hobby badge. [​IMG]

    Golf - NO, full of people stuck up their own arses. I have had a bit of a slash at it in Canada because you can get pissed on the course and go around in shorts and t-shirt.