Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by The-Goose, Sep 23, 2007.

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  1. Is it just me or is Stuart Barnes the most annoying and negative rugby commentator in the world?

    Should he be sacked?
  2. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    I used to read his articles in the press but I gave up ages ago (not sure if he still writes to be honest) as his pompous, negative scribbling on anything rugby used to drive me nuts. He just used to come across as a bitter and twisted individual since being dropped by England many moons ago and doesn't seem to have changed. Throbber.
  3. And while your at it sack Geoffrey Boycott to. The miserable pratt. I know he doesn't do rugby but his mindless prattle on cricket drives me nuts.

  4. No....but he runs Brian Moore a fcuking close second !
  5. So its nothing to do with England being a crap rugby team then?Mind you they did beat the Massive rugby playing nation called Samoa yesterday.

    Will greenwood is turning out to be a good rugby pundit.
  6. No, nothing. They would both be tw@ts even if England were kicking arrse. And they can take that tool Butler with them too.

    Bill McLaren was a great commentator.
  7. Yep he does my nut in every England match. If he commentates a France match he seems to wax lyrical about their achievements expansive/visionary but in contrast the exact same play by England is viewed as luck/lack of vision.

    Mrs Stinker believes he likes the sound of his own voice.

    Barnes if you like the French so fcukin much move there.

    Guru - whole heartedly agree about Bill McLaren, possibly the greatest Rugby commentator ever.
  8. I agree that Butler is the Welsh version of Barnes.
  9. The worst commentator of all has to be Jonathan Davies who can see no wrong done by any of his formers clubs or by Wales!!

    Barnes is normally one of the more objective commentators, which says a lot

    It was a sad sad day when Bill retired, and the only non-international player to be inducted into the IRB Hall of Fame! He was inducted at the same time as Campo, Lynagh and Fitzblacktruck!! :worship:

    Oh yeah, and at least Nigel ruddy Stammer-Smith isn't commentating!!
  10. Yes, yes and thrice yes. He talks absolute wibble and doesn't seem sure what sport he is commentating on half the time.
    i.e., after a team had a player sent off: 'They're down to 10 men now'.
    After a penalty had been awarded: 'Do they take the 3 points or try for the 6?'
    During the Argentina v France game: '[Argentina] will go deep with this kick' half a second before they kicked high and short - just like they had been doing for the previous 30 minutes when near the half-way line.

    When he's not wibbling about the game, he's trying his hand at woeful prose in his incessant drone: 'The crunch of body on body'. I'd rather hear the crunch of a ball-pein hammer on his skull, the boring twunt.

    He's in the Sunday Times' World Cup guide and had managed to predict a New Zealand v Australia final. The only way that is possible is for one of them to finish second in their pool. He also predicted South Africa and France as semi-finalists, it would need some bizarre results for this to happen.

    Seven days ago, Samoa were ranked 10th in the world, Scotland were 11th. Not that I think England aren't crap at the moment.

    He's been the best commentator, in my opinion, followed by Murray Mexted.
  11. Will Greenwood was brilliant today, what a natural pundit.

    I will be hanged for this, but all credit to him.


    ' And he has kicked the ball into a space as wide as the Gobi Desert'

    Now, I wonder who said that..!

    Can anyone else think of any more classics from the great man.?
  12. Will Greenwood is a star.

    Saw him on Soccer AM a couple of years ago and was impressed at his wit.

    He talks the talk, and he walked the walk.
  13. Wasn't only me shouting Cnut at the telly every time Barnes was talking then.
  14. No, mate. I was at it too. Watching Scots v AB's yesterday, I ended up pressing the mute button to shut the c..t up. They could all take a lesson from Bill . :x
  15. "and he's wriggling around in that ruck, like a trout up a burn"

    Saw Bill McLaren receive an award at Murrayfield, just before the last ever 5 Nations Calcutta cup. He got a standing ovation from the entire stadium. He is the only commentator I've ever heard who was completely neutral, even when commetating on Scotland.