Sack of Potatoes - advice please?!

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by AnnieBeeBee, Apr 2, 2013.

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  1. I'm ACF (Ex TA) and the MTP uniform is not doing me any favours.

    I walk around with my size 2 feet and my appropriately-sized head at either end of the most awful fitting kit - I'm short and trim, so no help there; I took advice - apparently I have the smallest size possible and as there's to be no tucking in of shirts, no belts round jackets, no cords to pull and wrap over; I'm stumped as to how I can look more human.

    It probably has helped me master the don't-f*ing-say-anything! face, as I am ready for the piss-taking and don't worry, I've heard a lot; from adults as well as cadets. I was thinking tailoring as I've got the smallest size available, but it's just a thought.

    My goal is to be a role model for the cadets - I'm always sharply dressed, shiny boots, follow all the rules I would expect them to follow - and hopefully they can see past my "look" to my other attributes. And of course it doesn't really matter and I'll carry on wearing it regardless!

    That aside: Can anyone recommend a tailor, or tailoring hints? Or any tips for looking less of a dick? I actually like the uniform -just on other people!
  2. Get a special measure uniform made?
  3. I should probably have said - I'm 5'2", and size 8 - quite a normal sized woman! It's only the MTP kit that makes me look like I have the body of an umpa-lumpa!
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  4. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Rejoin the TA. Within weeks you will be a size 16 and filling every spare inch of the uniform.
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  5. What is and where do you get a "special measure uniform?"
  6. Interesting solution there - or I could eat all the chocolate and ice-cream... hmmm, could work!
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  7. Why are you's not wearing Belts with the Jackets?
  8. You first! Then I'll consider it!
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  9. It is a uniform that has, unsurprisingly, been specially measured for the non standard body shape. Like yours, one would suggest.

    Your CAA or QM should fill out an AF G8620 and MOD Form 1114 and send it to the Defence Clothing Team, and viola, a special sized uniform should appear for you.
  10. Rules is rules - no creases, black boots, no belts... RA rules maybe? Our associated Rifles wear belts...
  11. Find a CS95 MTP shirt somewhere?

    Or just carry around a laminated A4 picture of what you look like in your shreddies, so that you can make it clear to everyone you meet that it's just the uniform that's making you look bad.
  12. Thanks - slim to none chance I bet, but worth a flyer!
  13. I thought the rules changed so the whole Army (including ACF) wears belts with Smocks now?
  14. If they're capbadged Rifles, they should not be wearing belts over their smocks.