Sabre Sqns

Discussion in 'RAC' started by StumpyHussar, Feb 11, 2012.

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  1. Do/did chav cav call their teeth sqns (A,B,C & D) sabre sqns like the civilised cavalry regiments or did they have a more democratic way of describing these units that didn't refer to the majority of the RAC?
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  2. Yes and no, the 2nd call thiers BADGER, CYCLOPS, EGYPT, FALCON & NERO! And I'd rather be called a Chav than Cav...................TWWWWAAAATTT!
  3. They often call them sabre Sqns and they also wear stable belts, some envy and delusions of grandeur there i think...........................
  4. No we wear coloured belts!;-)
  5. Is that the same as a coloured belt then?
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  6. Are they different from Unstable belts? You know, those belts that turn to dust or a cloud of gas with no warning? I HATE those things. Nothing left to turn in to the SQ when looking to exchange them except a story about clouds of gas, and dust.
  7. So when you put them down, or mislay them, you ask 'Where's my coloured (or colured) belt' or do you ask where your stable belt is? I think we all know the answer......................
  8. What do the Infantry call their coloured belts?

    But very good of the Cavalry to nick our beret, or do you have another name for it?
  9. No, its still a beret, but in much better colours...................................

    I also think you will find that the beret was first used, in a military sense, by the cavalry in Armoured cars before the Tank/Machine Gun Corps used them. I couldnt be 100% sure but i think thats the case.
  10. A very flimsy attempt to change the subject and divert attention from the fact that Chav Cav wear stable belts and refer to them as such.

    Soprano54's attempt to re-label them as "colured belts" failed because it wasn't true and because he is a spelling mong :)
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  11. Everything the RTR does is based on flimsy attempts at being grown up, afterall we do not have traditions only habits (at least until 2016).
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  12. Attention freaks.

    'Coloured belts' are 'stable belts' are 'girdles'. So called because they came from the horse mounted soldiers of many hues, who would wrap their horses 'girdle' around their waist to hold their trousers up during mucking out, etc.

    As anyone who has actually worked with horses will know. The 'girdle' has a dual buckle system which attaches to the saddle. Much like the stable belt of today.

    The name 'girdle' soon became 'stable belt' (in about the 1950's), when an actual belt was created, and the various colours were added to give the Battle Dress a spot of colour and individuality.

    The belts have consequently found favour even amongst regiments that 'didn't do' horses, and are still known as stable belts even when they have the 'beer bottle opener' type buckle.

    Stories of the QDG 'giving' their stable belt to the SAS (thus the connection in colour between the two) are wrong... obviously. SAS ops in the Deserts of North Africa being in the 1940's and the introduction of the stable belt being in the 1950s.

    All this Chav Cav rubbish makes me laugh. You lot do realise the RTR are older than your petty little donkey walloper Regiments don't you? Most of whom have only existed since 1992? Not interested in the 'history'... your Regiments are very tacky amalgamations clinging to greatness long since fled, soon to be embraced by the 21st Century and become 1 Regt RAC, 2 Regt RAC or 1 Recce Regt RAC, and 1 Armoured Regt RAC.

    That is all.
  13. So the current 1RTR was an amalgamation of the then 1RTR and 4RTR in 1993? The current 2RTR was an amalgamation of 2RTR and 3RTR in 1992.

    The exact dates of these amalgamations are kept deliberately vague on the various RTR websites but I think you will find that the 2 current Regiments are no older in being than most of the "petty little donkey walloper Regiments"

    Who knows what the future will bring but I suspect that sadly there may eventually be further amalgamations being planned for all. (RTR included)
  14. Whatever amalgamations happen or not, the history of each regiment is then a distillation of all that went before it, so he is, to be kind, talking horse shit!