SaBRE - good, bad or toothless

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by theylie, Feb 14, 2013.

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  1. What are resident arrsers view of SaBRE? I know posters like to know the OPs view - well mine is undecided but erring towards toothless, but I am be willing to be persuaded good or bad, or effecive or ineffective.
  2. Very good at communicating the message to those who are already converted and on-side!
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  3. Ta. Am thinking more on the other side - the reservist returning back to employment after deployment but perhaps are struggling to re-adjust.
  4. What role do you see SABRE taking in such a case? Advice to the employer?
  5. Working in the veterans sector I'm hearing a few examples of people being dismissed, despite supposed legislation preventing this. So I wondering can sabre lean on the employer and say you dont want to dismiss this lad.

    Am also thinking of the move towards the the greater numbers of and use of reservists, how are employers going to deal with the potentially damaged (mentally) employee returning?

    Can sabre apply any pressure or are the a toothless quango? Suppose thats my question! Are the merely an awareness raising unit?
  6. @ theylie - I suppose the answer to your question is that they are toothless, but SABRE wasn't set up to have teeth in that sense.

    You mention people being dismissed despite supposed legislation preventing this. If the law couldnt prevent dismissal, what powers could SABRE have, other than persuasion?

    This page should be of interest:

    Support available to Reservists - SaBRE
  7. My experience of them was of old buffers who were fine at getting "commitments" out of people who were already "friendly forces". A lot less useful when faced with some hard-nosed and thrusting middle manager giving Reservists a hard time. If MOD is relying on Sabre to help develop a Reserve twice the current size they are not only barking up the wrong tree, they are in the wrong Forest. Cold Hard Cash is the only thing that will influence an employer now. A rebate on NI for every Reservist employed etc etc.
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  8. Hardly meets the Government's main criteria for the reserve forces though!

    (must be cheap, just in case anyone hasn't realised what criteria is)
  9. Sabre might lay on the odd cocktail party for the already converted and he big employers, BT, NHS etc but for the average SME I doubt many have heard is Sabre.
    Mr A, owner of a small haulage firm, say 20 employees, won't care for sabre or for a driver going away for 6-9 months on deployment, (unless he is Ex RCT when he maybe more pliable), he is too busy earning a living, keeping his business running and paying his staff to want to take time out to listen to something as remote as the MoD or cope with a driver going on tour let alone a 2 week camp.
  10. I attended a joint SaBRE and RFCA empolyers event recently. It was basically a round of mutual backslapping. For the money spent, not the best use of time.

    The problem is that the old buffers they wheel out have absolutley NO understanding or experience of modern employment and trying to juggle the trinity of Family, Job and TA in the C21. One in particular had some eye wateringly out of date views on life, employment, jobs and diversity. Frankly an embarassment.
  11. Absolutely. I agree about the risks of targeting primarily (a) large employers and (b) the chairman of the board but not the area manager or sales director, etc. Another fallacy is to assume that the public sector will always be a soft touch for reserve forces membership.

    SABRE is supposedly a national campaign with regional delivery, working closely with the Regional Employer Engagement Groups operating from the RFCAs. The RFCAs have been doing an increasing amount of work on the employer engagement and community engagement fronts, and (as fozzy's post suggests) will need to do a lot more yet in support of FR20.
  12. Added to which, there has been a lot of employer engagement as part of the recent FR20 Consultation process.

    In addition to self-generated employer responses and consultations with employers already on the "friendly forces" list, I believe there were focus groups of employers specifically selected because they had had no previous contact with reservist employment.

    We'll have to see what comes of it all, starting when the White Paper comes out. How many ARRSErs actually took the trouble to participate in the recent online consultation? Quite a few, I would hope.
  13. Area managers and Sales Directors tend to work for large firms. I repeat, there are a lot is SMEs out there employing lots of people who struggle to get bye and have no incentive to support RFs. As per Mr A in my post.
  14. I didnt see anyone disagreeing with your point; I agreed with it ("absolutely"); it is certainly helpful to repeat it as it is very important.

    Accepting that not every SME is a member of the Federation of Small Businesses, the FSB has been active in discussing these issues and its views have been featured on the BAFF website:
  15. I wholly support the ideals and would invite you to come and visit and I will introduce you to some small business owners in the hope you can influence Whitehall and help provide a better structure for reservists and employers