Sabre arrse it up again!

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by theoban, Jun 12, 2008.

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  1. just got an invitation for the TA pageant at Horse Gaurds next week, I am really grateful that Sabre decide to send these invitations through royal mail with my effing RANK on the envelope!! Cant quite believe how thick these people can be!! :x :x
  2. That is terrible. I hope you kicked off?
  3. so has the missus finally found out you've been a private for the past 20 years?
  4. big time loss of plot earlier, its not the first time they have f u ked up with basic things like this. gimps!
  5. Not sure I understand your angle here. Are you:

    a) Living in downtown Islamabad
    b) Worried that the postman will tell the neighbours your real rank
    c) Embarrassed about taking the Queen's shilling
    or (and the only acceptable answer)
    d) A black nasty sporting dealer of death

    Bet you whinge about civpop not giving milpop enough recognition.

    Grow a pair and get on with it.
  6. Your missus has found out your a SGT when you've said your a PTE and now your getting grief off her for squandering all the money on booze and hookers.
  7. Grow up - there are more important things to worry about (unless, of course, you are one of THEM!).

    If you really want to make a fuss because your deep cover has been blown check (like I have just done) the paperwork you received and you will see that it came from the Pageant Office at London District, not SaBRE.
  8. I have the agree, just take you thumb out of your mouth and stop behaving like a spoilt child. Muppet !
  9. Have I passed into a parallel universe here or have I been suckered into believing in the TA100 Wear your uniform to work blurb? I thought that there was uproar over this issue a couple of years ago, when MOD issued thousands of continuous attitude survey questionnaires addressed to TPR Fcuknuts etc.

    As far as I'm aware, current advice on personal security still suggests that you and your family are potential terrorist targets, so having stuff posted to your home bearing your rank would seem to a breach of that security. After all, you don't know who postman Osama's friends are.
  10. Correct.

    Not so long since the plot to kidnap a British Soldier was cut short by plod either.
  11. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator


    I am sorry if that envelope upset your security plans.

    After all, you never go running in a military T shirt or practice for your CFT with an issued bergan. You check your vehicle for UVIED every time before you get in it. You change your route and timings to and from the TA centre which you attend at the same time every drill night. You never talk "shop" in the pub when out with your mates, and always implement sharkwatch on a run ashore. You would never dream about hanging your uniform out on the line to dry, or having military pictures or photographs on the walls for any gas man or meter reader to see.

    You do, don't you? After all, if one envelope demolished your security, can you imagine what not doing all of the above would do!
  12. You may be correct, but at least I can make a choice on the above and how seriously I take my own and my family's security. I would prefer it if others didn't decide not to be arrsed on my behalf.
  13. especially when i didn't even ask for tickets for the pageant. I do take my persec seriously, why wouldnt I? don't get me wrong i don't wear a tin foil hat,and i do have "i love me" pictures on the wall but I dont sit in the pub with mike golden wearing my reggie tie either! :p