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Sabre 30 daysack/DPM bergan cover/Leatherman Pulse and Monarch 400 torch for sale.



Karrimor Sabre 30 daysack in olive green: £40 plus postage SOLD
DPM bergan cover: £12 plus £1.50 postage SOLD
Leatherman Pulse with fabric and leather pouches: £55 plus postage
Leatherman Monarch 400 LED torch: £20 plus 50p postage SOLD
Highlander 33 daysack: £10 plus postage

All the items are in excellent nick and are either no longer needed and have sat in the cupboard or too small (daysack) but slightly dirtied so can't be returned to the shop. Only the Highlander has seen significant use hence the low price, it is however in working order and undamaged. PM me for pictures.

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