Sabian Mandaeans a near christian group persecuted in Iraq

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by semper, Mar 9, 2007.

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  1. quite disgraceful, the Muslim of both sides are quite clearly ignoring their teaching of respect for other faiths, but then doesn't surprise me much round there.

    they quiet clearly need halp and unfortunately being a small group they cannot shout loudest above other bigger groups.

    I hate Bullies preying on the weak.
  2. "their teaching of respect for other faiths"

  3. The Sabian Mandaeans aren't muslims. They dont think jesus or mohammed were prophets and they follow john the baptist instead. Seem to pretty much be the middle east equivelent of the Amish.

    But, they do still follow the same god and the whole region is nuts for killing each other in his name.
  4. I know that, I was pointing out there is no teaching of respect for other faiths.
  5. People of the Book were suppossed to be repsected , but these are twisted by Muslims for their own ends.
    That article is dated from 1990 so I would say they probably have "reinterpreted" it.
  6. Nobody's reinterpreted it. People of the book are due 'respect' - but to them respect means being allowed to live rather than equal rights.
  7. Intolerant fanatics only got a foothold in Iraq after the fecking war, while Saddam passed a decree guaranteeing protection for Christians and Jews.

    So if you lot want to blame someone, blame Tweedle-dum and Tweedle-dee.
  8. So um, not the fault of the intolerant fanatics at all?
  9. No, you heard the man its the stupid fcukers that knocked over the fcuking apple cart to begin with who are to blame. Our actions and this war have driven the Iraqis mad. They all now live in terror and hate and act out their terror and hate. And its growing and spreading.
  10. Still sounds like the fault of the intolerant fanatics to me.
  11. Tariq Aziz, Saddam's last PM, was Christian. I wonder when we'll next see a Christian PM of Iraq? Probably never again.
  12. I don't think that it will or even does matter which religion or faction a politician belongs to. If an Iraqi is voted in for His ability or his parties policies it is all tothe good. It shouldn't matter where He prays
  13. Well as they've spent most of the last century trying to escape the loonies you're probably right.
  14. But it does matter. Take a goosey at the bill of human rights in the 2nd post in this thread. All is made quite clear.
  15. .
    Saddam used to stamp down on that kind of behaviour. But we got rid of him now it happens. Aren't we clever?