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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by danielsan, Mar 21, 2006.

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  1. Can anybody advise me of the correct formats for The Roupell Cup, Para Cup, Fibua Cup and the LSW shoots or direct me to where I might find said info? :?:
  2. AOSP has all the current shoots in it. Just out of interest, why?

    Editied because I'm a PAM biff.
  3. ^ I've just went through AOSP and it seems I lied, no mention of competition shooting in it! PM me your email and i'll forward what i have got. I'm sure i have a copy of all the current shoots somewhere.
  4. They are all in the pocket shooting book thing (from the people who make the soldiers pocket book), as well as the skill at arms pocket book for marking your points of aim on.
  5. Im a newbie to shooting team and a TA newbie at that so I never got issued the SAA booklet. Will try and get the pocket book you mentioned though. Cheers.
  6. You should try and get an SAA booklet, I was looking at the Skill at arms & pocket book there now and it's a bit vague about the shoots, and there is no FIBUA.

    It's hard to remember all the different points of aim from different positions at different ranges, so the SAA booklet is handy when starting out (such as myself).

    As far as I can remember, the FIBUA is:

    10 rounds in 2 round groups at 100m through window
    10 rounds 2 round groups at 75 m kneeling or squatting
    10 rounds 2 round groups at 50 m standing (Huns head)
    10 rounds at three exposures (2-4-3) at 25m standing (Huns head)

    If you need anymore, I can look them up for you.
  7. The format of the roupell is as follows:

    Practice 1 (10 rounds)
    Begin 100m to the rear of the firing point. On appearance of a target at 100m you have 25 seconds to move to the firing point and engage it. There follows a further 3 targets at 100m.
    Next, 1 target at 200m, up on hold (3 rounds)
    Finally, 4 targets at 300m

    Practice 2 (10 rounds)
    From the fire trench, 1 target at 300m followed by 3 groups of 3 targets at 100m,200m and 300m at random.

    Practice 3 (10 rounds)
    Begin 2m to the rear of the firing point, on appearance of a target move forward and adopt the kneeling supported position and engage 2 targets (coming up randomly at 100, 200 or 300m). Standup and move to start point. Repeat a further 4 times.

    Practice 4 (10 rounds)
    Engage 5 groups of 2 targets at 100 or 200m from the standing, kneeling or squatting position. Return to the standing alert position after each pair.

    Learning the format of the shoot is half the battle!
  8. ^ Practice 1 is in your ressie..
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  9. Wasn't sure if that was still the case. Last SAAM I did we didn't use ressie.
  10. I did the training last week, it was still in.
  11. I stand corrected. Is there still an NBC phase in the Whitehead cup?
  12. No NBC in the Whitehead. I don't remember there ever being an NBC phase in it?
  13. Thanks guys, anybody got an idea on the Para Cup or LSW shoot. Whats a good score in these SAAM shoots?
  14. LSW Gun run.
    3x mags of 10 1x mag of 20.

    610m-on appearance of target run forward to 600m point adopt prone fire 10 rounds at 2x4 second exposures, make safe with mag of 10.
    600m- on appearance of target run to 500m point adopt prone fire 10 rounds at 2x4 second exposures, make safe with mag of 20.

    500m- on appearance of target run forward to 400m point adopt prone fire 4 rounds a2x4 second exposures, make safe with mag of 16.

    400m- on appearance of target sprint your t!ts off to 300m point adopt prone engage target with 16 rounds and make safe with mag of 10.

    300m- on appearance of target run forward to 200m point adopt prone and engage 5x3 second exposures with 2 rounds per exposure.

    End of practice, curl up and cry for being a 25 a day smoker and not keeping on top of your (my) fitness....
  15. Double post