SAAI Instr Cse. Why?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by BaldBleep, Mar 30, 2013.

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  1. My apologies, for the cryptic title! Was wondering how much it cost to train 1 student on the SAAI Course.

    By way of explanation, I am in the MPGS, (insert sneer) and one of my guys just attended the course, purely because we require him to conduct a WHT on the A2 only. We have no other weapons available, not even bayonets. So why take a place that an Infanteer could fill (ie someone who may actually use the range of skills taught), when we just want a guy that can assess competency as per the PAM with the rifle. Why cant he attend a short course locally which will just qualify him to do so, saving everyone's time and money, and freeing up a place for a more deserving individual.
  2. Why don't you go and leap off a cliff whilst screaming "GERANIMOOO!!!"... :wave:
  3. Hi Baldbleep,

    Just considering the wages of an infantry Cpl for the duration of the course it would be 17.27 pounds.
  4. Do you mean 'Geronimo'?
  5. Hi BH - Thanks for your reply, £17.27? Per day? are you sure?
  6. Ooohh, look! a newbie. Do you fold your socks so they make 'smiley faces' as well puppet?
  7. Did someone end up doing extra shifts to cover him? Never mind, don't get a bag on, get a mag on and stag on.

    Your bonk 'wht assessor' only course would be a waste of time and probably take too much time for the limited qual you would receive.

    If you are unhappy about the situation why not bang in for some courses yourself?
  8. Thankyou for your reply II. As a Det, we don't require range qualified people, we have plenty, what we lacked was having someone to carry out WHT's. His attendance did not require extra shifts as I adjusted the rosta accordingly, even if it did, that would have been worth it to aquire a SAAI. Are you aware of just how rare places on the Course are? Up until 2012, MPGS were restricted to 2 pax a year!! I have applied for the course for 5 years, and now as a Senior, am told it is haighly unlikley I will get it. Anyway, my intent ref the question was to try and save money and time to acheive a specific goal, the AASAAI course will always be there, if we required the whole range of skills we could bid for it, in this instance we just wanted a WHT guy, so why not ad a short course, alongside the full SAAIn which would allow us as a unit to be assesed and stay within the law?
  9. The Cadets tried a WHT Assessor, it didn't end well.

    For starters, if the WHT Assessor fails someone who then retrains the failure?

    To assess you need to know the drills to the same level as an instructor, so what is the point of this 'automatic only' qual?

    Bang people in on the AASAA course, it sounds like you've got a credit to your det (especially if the places are so few). Are there other 'range only' qualled people getting a strop on because they feel that they have been usurped?

    I always viewed RMQ people with suspicion. Why didn't they do the SAA course?
  10. Exactly, they then think they're Tom Berrenger and critique all things weapon handling. Clearly, most of them have proper shite personal skills and drills.

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  11. The majority of Infantry cpls will have done SCBC not AASAA, so no need to worry about taking up one of our slots.
  12. Seems MPGS get two slots on the SCBC.

    Aren't they viewed as Inf?
  13. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    Really?! Where did you here that then?

    No, the MPGS are capbadged as AGC.
  14. There are a few non inf units that have slots available to them on SCBC. I can't remember which off the top of my head but it's all on DII.
  15. Baldbleep seems to indicate the MPGS lad was on the Infantry SAA bit (ie part of SCBC).

    And SASC are badged SASC and RPC as RPC and then RLC.

    HCR/RAC capbadges are HCR/RAC.

    Any idea what I am going on about? Read the Pam.