SAAB files for Bankruptcy

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by DesktopCommando, Dec 19, 2011.

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  1. Saab Car Maker Files For Bankruptcy After A Desperate Two-Year Struggle To Stay In Business | Business | Sky News maker Saab Automobile has declared bankruptcy after a two-year desperate struggle to stay in business.The company's chief executive, Victor Muller, personally handed in the application to a Swedish court, which is expected to approve the request later.The Dutch entrepreneur told reporters he had to pull the plug after General Motors, which still owns some technology licences for Saab, rejected a last-ditch financing plan involving a Chinese company."That basically was the last nail in the coffin of this beautiful company," he said.Experts say the company is likely to be chopped up and sold in parts, raising concerns for the more than 3,000 people who work at the factory in the Swedish town of Trolhattan.
  2. ead this, seems GM didn't want the Chinese getting tech info. Slight side track but looks like HMV are going under as well.
  3. When SAAB does finally crash there should be minimal injurys.
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  4. Wondering if this will include the Truck Division, Scania??
  5. Bugger !

    I have just bought another Saab ! I was confident that all would be worked out.

    Maybe the new 95 with "Head Up Display" will be going cheap.
  6. Great car company that had the individuality and innovation sucked out of them by GM. jag and LR have had a lucky escape. For now.
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  7. As far as I know, SAAB and Scania split in about 1995.
  8. The writing was on the wall the day they became badge-engineered Vauxhalls.
  9. Shame. I've owned 2 Saab 99s, 3 Saab 900s and 2 Saab 9000s, whilst my wife has owned 2 Saab 90s, 1 Saab 9000 and a Saab 900 convertible. I'd probably still have my last 9000 (tweaked full turbo) if somebody hadn't been inconsiderate enough to crash into it.
  10. Dam shame really. I had a 9.3 for a 18 months and although it had few teething problems, it was great car to drive and very good on diesel. Only down side, was that I never really got used to having a beard.

    Moved on to an Insignia which is also very nice, although it has a very firm ride.

    As for HMV, I just hope that they can find the money to keep them going until the offshore tax loophole exploited by Amazon is closed. Being a High Street store owner myself I feel for them.

    Their store, 2 doors from us, is always busy and always has some great offers available and to be honest, is where I buy all the CD's that we play in our store. However, as with nearly all online shopping habits, it mostly boils down to the populations idleness and has very little to do with the products being cheaper..
  11. Are you on CRACK?
  12. It's a lease car. I like it, although a very hard ride, but when it comes to renewal time I'll be reverting to a C-Class as that's what Mrs HIAB is driving and as can be expected, is in another league.

    Don't know what I was thinking really...
  13. I have owned several Saabs great cars especially the 900 and 9000turbos-they were quick.
    Now have a 9-3 convertible (07) which is a good motor, quick and being diesel economical. At least having GM underpinnings and mechanical bits should be able to keep it running!
    I would not be surprised if the chinese buys up the factory and ships it out-like Rover-MG!:judge: