Hello all,

Just looking for an opinion, I was to attend a 2 week course shouting and bawling at people until I realised a MATTs Instructors course would be prefered by the unit and myself to be honest.

So I have 2 real choices, both I am interested in but both have pros and cons

First up that stalwart SAA instructor

Pros: Ever useful, you can't get enough training on the weapon, bounce onto range management, can be used with recruits, dead Gucci badge
Cons: We have 3 in my unit already

The other, and the one the SPSI is keen on me doing is the CBRNI

Pros: We don't have any in the unit, just a single Assistant, would have full reign and be in charge of all things fuller earth wise, never get gassed again
Cons: CBRN is a bit of an after thought, we don't even have the proper scaling for kit in the unit, no longer taught to recruits.

Also can anyone clear this up, I was under the impression that to do the CBRNI you have to of had to complete the assistant course first not go straight on the CBRNI course straight off, however the SPSI claims that its changed, I know there is no equipment course anymore but I still thought you had to do the assistant one anyway ? Cheers
Do the CBRNI course. You don't have to be an assistant to get on the course.

Good things about the course:

1. Good food in the Sgt's mess.
2. Excellent accommodation.
3. Get to play with air-burst explosives and learn more about how you can improve CBRN training.
4. Learn about more relevant aspects of CBRN, such as Toxic Industrial Chemicals and "Release Other Than Attack.

Bad things about the course:

1. Its 3 weeks long.
2. Winterbourne Gunner is miles away. Unless you live nearby.
3. Too many RLC on the course.
4. Too many nasty, racist and self-deluded RAF regiment.
It is still taught to recruits, more so with TSC come in we teach less at the RTC leaving it with the units, as per LANDs instructions!
FFBox said:
It is still taught to recruits, more so with TSC come in we teach less at the RTC leaving it with the units, as per LANDs instructions!
It was my understanding that CBRN was going to be taught to recruits at CMSR only and that the desire were for units to teach the basics to recruits when they turn up at RTC.
Bravo_Bravo said:
I'd say SAA. Always in demand, and to be honest CBRN seems to be taking lower priority of late.

What kind of unit are you with? Inf / Sigs etc?
inf ? sigs ? no no far too far over to the right of line I'm afraid :wink:

The Royal Regiment of Artillery of course old chap

joking aside, thats my fear in doing CBRN is have one shot at it a year before MATTS and the odd special weekend that no fecker turns up at
Maybe, but my understanding of it is we, RTC teach the TSC first part ie generic threat IPE, Don/Doff, Fitting of S10, IA/ID NA Posioning and canister drill all the rest I think is done by sub units after the ATR but I'll find out for sure this w/e.

Pers if I had the choice SAA way more benefical for the very reasons you say, SAA is as you say a jump start to the RMQ side of things though I did mine the other way around!
theblindking said:
heidtheba said:
CBRN all the way, and there isn't an assistant qual any more.

Then just do your RMQ, much less stressfull :wink:
Really? You'd better tell 4DIV as they've got courses running in June/July and Jan/Feb 2010.
When I was on my course the school said they had sh1t canned the courses :?
A CBRNI is qualified to train up others to work as their assistants, although I never got a straight answer as to what they could do, other than take people in the chamber. When you did the course you should've got loads of CD's that you can use to train up assistants.

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