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I'm due to start the skilly's course in June prior to a posting to AFC Harrogate. Does anyone have any "top tips" for pre-course preperation? And is the course as savage as everyone makes out?
read the pams and get the know the weapon systems. See if you can borrow lesson plans from colleagues as this will save you time on homework. You will probably be taught the various weapon systems from scratch watch what the instructor does and how they conduct the lesson. When you have prepped your lesson find a quiet area of camp and do a walk through talk through on your lonesome or with some colleages with lesson plan and pam to hand. Course is not savage but is mentally challenging. SASC instructors jump on explanation demonstration imitation (edi) errors. Practice explaining then demonstrating on a rifle before you go and watch for mannerisms such as saying "ok" in a teaching practice 100 times or using non technical terms such as "this thingy". Enjoy and good luck
Ditto as above,Did mine in '88' at Warminster -Cse-74,was one of the best courses I have done,just remember 7Ps and you will not go wrong and do enjoy it as its a first class course run by top Instructors who will do all they can to help if you have a problem.
Don't play the numbers game-just because you took a lesson today don't think you will not get one the next day so no need to swot up as you will get caught out.

Best of luck,enjoy-post when you pass!!!
Thanks very much yater_spoon and Hat20. Will do.


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A good course you will enjoy it. Very stage managed but then SAA training is as well. As above spent many an hour talking to myself rehersing but it pays off in the 7P's.
Seem to remember prolific use of the words 'Watch this was for a demonstration' and 'Change!' figured heavily too.
If you go there knowing the pams or familiar with the subject you can then concentrate on the styles of planning/ preparation and delivery you will learn from this. I had some on my course who were weak on the content hence they concentrated there and so got pulled up on their delivery by the DS.
As stated above most units have a training cell and/ or someone will have attended the course before so get copies of their Lesson Plans or pre prepare your own set for all lessons if you have time on a PC, then you just tweak and submit when you get your TP. I also created my own SUSAT Sight pictures on acetate to use with the Fire Control and Target indication lessons based on a previous attendees feedback - still use them today.

To the extreme a recent attendee from my unit to his laptop, small printer/scanner combo which he abused throughout the course. That said he has a disk of the SAA Course stuff PM me if you want a copy may help in your prep.

HTH - Have fun mate

just going on from Hat 20's point instructors will often stop a teaching practice midpoint and nominate someone else to continue from where they left off. Great for flustering and floundering. Also stick to subject matter and don't waffle! LSW2 is the worst lesson to get
gmpg 5-6 lsw 2 and pistol 2 catches most fieldcraft 11,12 &13 are good to revise too,
get a collegue to test you on your rifle and take his comments on board and ensure you take a sense of humour as other syndicates were book heads and failed many basic lessons due to nerves,
we played phrase or word games to break up the ice and nerves and if you do cream in just remember
i am at a depot teaching now and have done my first year
i have done BCD (itds &matt3)
CBRNI (nbci)
ITGIS (Recruit inst course at lichfield)
if you want any advise or help PM me and i'll
be happy to help
I agree with yater_spoon...LSW 2 is a complete bitch! I got this one on my course, and managed to fluff my way through, eventually ending up with a 'D' grade because I got flustered through it...

The instructors will also stop you at any stage of the lesson, let you know they're happy so far, and ask you whats next....

We found the best way to prep the lessons was to write them out longhand, and then do a 'real-time' walk through/talkthrough a couple of times reading aloud....meant not getting to bed til really late, and being ballbagged the next day, but the method proved itself in some of the grades we were given....

Good luck mate....

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